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mar.11 {a soft landing}

{Reach} in progress

I woke up this morning to no heat or hot water.  This happens, without fail, once every winter and usually on a day when it is barely 10 degrees.  Luckily it's not that cold out today so the house is somewhat bearable, but it's not a fun way to start a Monday.

So, I am decidedly focusing on the good things; sunshine, my little man who is happy (maybe a little too happy) to do nothing and stay in his pajamas all day, the painting that is emerging in the studio, having a family homestead nearby with a freezer stocked with mini Ben & Jerry's that we can escape to until the heat kicks in, maybe a hot bath in the deep jacuzzi tub, and hanging out on the big blue sofa laughing with Uncle A.  Funny how we both unexpectedly ended up here today.

Turns out this diversion is just the little bit of extra TLC I needed.