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mar.12 {making connections with Love Notes}

{Love Notes postcard #1}

Once again, I am participating in Jennifer's Love Notes project all about sending a little art and inspiration in the mail - you know, the kind you actually put a stamp on!  This project is fun for several reasons... I get to meet new and fabulous creative people, there is a snail mail surprise with lovely sentiments each week in my own mailbox, and, I know that every week amidst whatever chaos is happening I'll at least complete this one creative project.  Little steps and simple goals are always a good thing.  There are amazing pieces that are sent and received and I love seeing everyone else's work pop up in my instagram feed (#lovenotesjb), all small but special acts of creative kindness.  There is always a flurry of excitement around these little offerings and it reminds me, again, how important it is to reach out and connect with others in mini acts of love.  So, thank you to the good old USPS and my friendly neighborhood mailman, and especially to Jennifer for making this bit of magic happen!