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mar.23 {the birth of something beautiful}

{Reach} 24x30 mixed media on canvas

Back in the studio today, I finally finished this painting.  This one really stretched me and took weeks to move through from beginning to end as I painted a bit, sat with it, and painted a bit more.  I knew it was close to being done so today I spent the morning committed to finishing it up.  Somewhere in the last few hours after weeks of uncertainty, I fell in love with it.

Last night I went out to see some live music, a rare occasion these days but so gratifying when finally sitting in the dark and being bathed in soulful notes.  As I watched Dar Williams in a hushed auditorium of a couple hundred people, the only sounds a sweet guitar melody and poetic words strung together like strokes of a beautiful painting, I understood.  In those moments I felt so deeply that undeniable certainty that yes! we are here to share our gifts, whatever they are.  The performance was so moving not because the music was so good (though it was), it was more the experience of seeing into someone else's raw and open heart while they share a significant piece of their story in one of the most meaningful ways they know how. Beautiful.

I also happened to be with one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world who is going through an incredible journey as a surrogate, a life changing and inspiring story I hope she'll share one day.  Just hearing the early details, I was completely in awe of her for so many reasons.  It's incredible to me how simply one life can so profoundly effect another.  The notion of birthing, whether physically or creatively, really struck me as I listened to story after story unfold last night.  I've been holding this notion ever since which I'm sure is why I began to feel the burning to finally push this baby out.  And so here it is, a painting that even from the beginning, is about growth and daring to go out on a limb to find and share your truth.