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mar.4 {and that made all the difference}

{Glow ~ 6x6 mixed media on wood}

I finally feel like I have figured out where I am supposed to be (virtually speaking), and it feels so good to finally sink into solid ground.  After a lot of uncertainty, there have been two big changes I have made this year with my blogging. One is that I no longer plan blog posts ahead.  For the last several years I used to list out a month's worth of posts for every-other day and then curate content for those posts.  I wasn't absolutely rigid about this, I did often change things around, but for the most part it was loosely planned out ahead of time.  The fact that I did this for more than three years speaks to the level of passion I have for Wishstudio because any regularity in my life is pretty rare.  It was a really helpful tool for a long time and helped me to organize, create deadlines for posts I had to compile, and provide the structure for things to run efficiently.  Now, I am writing more in the moment and honest accounts of what my life looks like and I don't know what will appear here until I sit down to write.  It pushes me to have more faith in my own experiences and to really feel around for what I want to share.

The other change I've made is that I have only been writing one blog instead of having one for business and one for personal.  For a while, I thought that having a separate space for all things in my own life made sense, and I even thought at one point I should have a blog for Wishstudio, a blog for my personal life, and a blog for my personal work as an artist.  Last year was a big experimental time where I did try out a couple of different approaches.  Quickly I realized that it wasn't working.  I was trying to organize and categorize my life, but my life in reality doesn't look like that.  I don't wear one hat and then punch out and go off to put on another, and everything is so much more intertwined for me.  For a long time I felt this unease and confusion as to where I was going with everything.  I felt really fragmented and grasping for ways to pin everything down in their proper place.

I now know that during this time of unease things were realigning to a place of more integration.  Things were actually wanting to move in the opposite direction I was trying to push them in, and I had to strip everything away in order to figure that out.  And so here I am, in one happy altogether space.

These shifts have been what has allowed my voice to come through again.  Having a more intuitive and integrated approach to blogging feels both liberating and more authentic.  This has made all the difference, and how I know that it's right is I can hear that triumphant voice in the back of my head saying, "hello... that was so obvious!"  It really wasn't, but you know what I mean.  And who knows?  Maybe things will shift again.

For now though, this space is about the entirety of my life; daring pursuits in art, motherhood, relationships, style and design, friendships, creative living, sensual exploration and everything that makes up the daily adventures of my life and who I am - hence the new name of Wishstudio Life.  I am my work, my work is me, and my creative voice comes through living my life, not solely through a business or art exhibition.  For me, the juice is all in the richness of everything I experience and choose to share, not only in what I can accomplish.  I can't tell you what a relief and how empowering it has been to have finally figure this out.  Hallelujah and blessed be, thank you amen!