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mar.5 {explore your sexy project}


One thing I am hoping to create in this space is an open and real conversation about intimacy and sex - the wide spectrum of physical connection and all that might suggest.  I've received many emails and messages from readers lately telling me how much they resonate with the ideas I have been writing about, and I really appreciate the feedback (as I have surely gushed to you).  So, I thought a little creative photo journaling project might be the perfect way to explore a little deeper without requiring anyone to get too noisy.

Explore Your Sexy Photo Project

I wanted to create a gentle way for you to delve into some of your own sexy thoughts and ideas and begin to share them.  I also hope that in the process of taking these photos it will allow to unfold a rich and varied conversation (a nonverbal one, since we are only sharing images) not just with each other, but more importantly with yourself.

What does sensuality and intimacy and sexuality mean to you?  How can it playfully show up in your life?  Where have you always wanted to explore but never have?  What scares you, thrills you, makes you really curious?  I completely encourage you to look at the world though lustful eyes!

Don't worry - I'm not asking you to post naked pictures of yourself or reveal a gritty personal expose (unless you want to!).  The Explore Your Sexy Project is for sharing images and ideas of sensuality and sexuality in whatever way you are comfortable with.  It can be based in fantasy or reality, it can be overt or very subtle, as long as it makes your heart beat a little faster and stirs something meaningful and provocative in you!

The sharing will simply be by using the hashtag #exploreyoursexy.  You can use Instagram, Twitter, FB, your blog, whatever social media you are comfortable with.  I think I might even be inspired to finally join Pinterest and create a board for this project - we shall see.

So let's heat things up a bit around here, shall we?  I would love for you to share and be a part of this creative conversation!