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mar.6 {word board}

authentic. fun. girly. edgy. stylish. compelling. inspiration. colorful. artist. eclectic. feminine. bold. sexy. visionary. experience. handmade. connection. daring. growth. mixed-media. whimsical. truth. story. photography. journaling. individuality. collaborate. nature. city. studio. gratitude. personal. motherhood. intimate. intention. knowledge. adventure. love.

This is a list of words I wrote in my journal late last year in preparation for launching this site.  I think I pretty much captured it all - where I want to be right now - and it makes me kind of giddy that I'm on the right track, especially when doubt creeps in.

Finding your words can be a good exercise.  It's like creating a dot-to-dot or map of your world of things that are important to you and which together show the bigger picture of your life.  The words can be perfect touchstones and help to anchor you in your personal mission and unique style.  As someone who is very word oriented, I write lists like these all the time and it's interesting to see them evolve over time and see what elements are steadfast and what's newly blossoming or coming to pass.  Think of it as a vision board of evocative words instead of images.  Another fun (and easy) tool for your creative toolbox!