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mar.8 {the stories my in-box could tell}

This post was going to be a little update of the recent goings on in my busy world, but I realized while quickly perusing my email this morning that if one were to peek into my in-box they would get a pretty accurate cross section of my life.   So, just for fun and to sum it all up, here's a pretty good look at some of the notes that are in my virtual mailbox right now:

The email canceling school today!  and two other late opening notices due to possible flooding the last two days.

A submission request I made, accepted by a fabulous blogger.

An email draft of a video I'm trying to send my dad of the boys singing and dancing to a Minecraft song.

TBall registration confirmation.

Three photos I sent to myself to go with blog posts.

A conversation regarding a possible job opportunity.

The confirmation for my son's 504 meeting date.

The information and application for a juried art show coming up that I am still considering entering (deadline, today!).

A save the date notice for a "daring" workshop that sounds amazing!

The receipt for my new iPhone.

Lightening in a Jar letter sent to me by my dad.

The call list for my son's theater tech rehearsal tomorrow.

A note from my doctor regarding a hearing test I will have soon.

BUST magazine gift subscription notification.

Details for a pending art and post submission by a very very sexy photographer and blogger.

An auto response notice for an art submission I sent in.

My cell phone bill.

A very old conversation about a creative project that never got off the ground, but I can't seem to delete, just in case.

A letter regarding the day-long MCAS practice that will be held at school on Monday.

The conversion and saved book excerpt from Mia Martina's, Year of Sex.

The tail end of a blog makeover proposal I sent to a friend.

An overdue notice from the library (oops).

The newest regulations and update from Instagram.

Web server support and confirmation notice.

A coupon I saved for my son's next haircut.

A conversation about volunteering on a committee for the North Shore Cancer Walk.

A marketing plan created for me by a savvy Art and Business student.

Two crock pot recipes, one for chicken marsala and the other for Korean short rib tacos.