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apr. 10 {ready for the world}

During dinner yesterday, we all were going around the table sharing good parts of our day and somehow we got on the topic of preschool.  Suddenly Alex realized it was Preschool Open House night and it had started 5 minutes ago!  I missed last year's meeting somehow, it wasn't even on my radar, and thus he did not goto school this year (which I wasn't really in any hurry anyway, so it was all good).  I just made it before the little info video started to roll.  This fall, off he'll go.

Things are happening in his little world.  He wrote his name for the first time yesterday.  He starts Tball in a couple of weeks on the Royals, and he can't wait!  He's using words like "similar" and "frustrated" and "fire aspect" which I have no idea what that even is because it's a Minecraft thing, but it sounds sorta complicated and fancy.  He is getting the hang of his new Razor and is super proud of his big-boy scootering abilities.  It's all about keeping up with the big kids and doing everything himself these days.

He is so ready for preschool.

And so all night long I couldn't stop thinking of the first time I held him in my arms, and how he peacefully stared up at me saying... here I am mom, I'm ready to be a part of this world.  He's been like that ever since.