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apr.17 {in every depth and breadth}

{Sounding Line} 36x48, mixed media on canvas

Right now the boys are digging a giant hole in the front yard.  We just had the yummiest breakfast at the little cafe at the top of our street just after I finished Sounding Line this morning.  Life is good.

This painting is actually 3 pieces that have become one.  The first piece was a painting I made for a show last spring called A Sea of Words, a seascape made of layers of words and paint and map pieces. I began this painting long before then at an art gathering with some sweet peeps, and then it sat for a long while sort of done, but not really, as I wasn't really completely in love with it.  Something was missing but I couldn't figure out what.

The second piece, Finding My Way, was a mixed media quilt I made last summer.  It hung in a show in the window at the local gallery and I was happy with it.  The piece met a tragic demise though, where at one point last fall it was chopped up into pieces and tossed away.  It was an impulsive emotional reaction during a really low point, which I sort of regretted afterwards, but it also felt good in a way too, freeing maybe.  A sort of letting go of something dark and deeply sad.  The painting wasn't particularly sad itself but it was the last piece I made that represented a sense of longing and feeling lost.  That time was coming to an end even though I didn't know it.  My work has turned a hopeful corner and I am creating from a place that is more certain and clear.  It was on a morning a couple of weeks ago, in that sleepy not quite awake state, that I remembered that this quilt was still in the studio trash can.  When I woke up, I fished the pieces out and knew that they would be part of this newest piece.

So, Sounding Line is about the certainty of knowing one's self in every depth, a deeply anchored yet layered kind of truth no matter where you are in life.  The three paintings came together beautifully, not just aesthetically as they all happened to be painted in the same color pallet, but emotionally as well - piecing them together was like a deep acceptance and sinking in.  The old made new.  With the sea and the compass as a through-line found in all three paintings (if you look carefully you might be able to find all three), it was like they were all pieces of this one puzzle just waiting to be put together.  The giant sounds map was the final piece, given to me by Alex last summer thinking I'd like it for my art.  It became the foundation, much like his presence in my life.