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apr.26 {tomorrow is a new day}

{From May 1, 2009:  I chose this post because it mirrors exactly what I have been thinking about with my oldest son lately.  I realize that life is so similar for us all these years later, before boy #2 came along and when he was just 5.  Sometimes I read my old words and they feel faded and far away, with a vagueness that washes over things with time or a nod to how things have changed.  This post is like an arrow straight to the heart.  I feel it now as much as I imagine I did then.  I'm so glad that what is much the same is the feeling of hopefulness and possibility, and the unique way he challenges and inspires me be the best mom I can be.}  


The emotional climate in this family can sometimes be wildly unpredictable. We often need to stop and take a few deep breaths (or a mommy time-out). At the end of the day I sometimes find myself saying to my son, and myself, "tomorrow is a new day". I realize that i've said it often enough that he now reminds me... "tomorrow's a new day, mom." This is something I have always tried to teach him, that each day, each moment really, is new...

a new opportunity to be happy,
to make better choices,
to find a new adventure,
to make new wishes,
to do things differently,
to try something new,
to reach outside of ourselves,
to be grateful for all we have,
to find a better way,
to be one step closer,
to learn from our mistakes,
to move towards hope,
to laugh and play,
to forgive and forget,
to make magic,
to believe anything is possible...
and thus, he is teaching me.

I'm slowly learning :)