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apr.4 {telling your style story}

The past few days I've been immersed in the beginning stages of a new project and have been pushing past my old aesthetic to find the newer and more current one I've been playing with lately.  This process has really slowed me down and has had my creative flow all stopped up.  I've been tired and a bit frustrated, but I knew I had to keep at it - the clarity was just around the corner.  

Since beginning this new WishstudioLife blog in January, I've had a really good but abstract sense of my style story simply by paying attention to the things that surround me and what I am drawn to.  But I've been trying to put my finger on one cohesive label and words like bohemian, handmade, edgy, feminine, gritty, have been in the mix but nothing had quite emerged as a clear and descriptive name.  I always need the words - it's just how I operate, and for this new project I really had to nail it down.

Finally, it came to me yesterday after much tenacious searching, and since then things have snapped right into focus.  Yes, bam!  This is it!  Don't you just love when that happens?

To name my style story I had to try on a lot of different ideas and concepts, and so I wanted to share these with you in case you're searching for your story too.  Here are some good questions to ask yourself:

What is my color pallet? - of all the things you love, what are the common color themes?  earthy,  jewel tones, brights, neutrals?

What textures and lines do I like? - soft and easy? sleek and clean? wild and busy? industrial and gritty?

What are your style buzz words? - indie, urban, mod, vintage, contemporary, bohemian?

Who is the girl at the center of your fairytale, and what is her story? - write a detailed character study of who your girl is, what she likes to do, wear, live, etc.

Create a 3D style board. - pull together images, objects, color and texture swatches, words, etc. and lay them out on a big table and take a photograph of it arranged in different ways.  playing with your style pieces will help you see how they relate to one another.

Create a word map. - starting with your style buzz words, branch off with as many adjectives, nouns, and verbs you can think of that help describe and support each of these themes.

Name you style story. - Bohemian Cowgirl, Urban Chic, Vintage Dreamer, Mod Punk Mama...?

Remember, your style story is also a snapshot of who you are and aspire to be!  It will reflect your aesthetic and interests in a very clear and conceptual way.  You'll know it when the right one fits, kind of like a great pair of jeans.