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may 31 {may crush list}

May, you were full of sweet surprises, beautiful gatherings, inspiring bursts of creativity and lots of forward momentum into new and beautiful territory!  Nothing like heading into the mid-year mark with things moving and grooving right along.  The constant rhythm of the year, rooting, shedding, growing, and repeat (as my son would say, "pattern power!") has been keeping pace in all the chaos, and May was filled with lots of grounding creativity, gorgeous spring awakenings of all manner of flora and fauna, many gatherings both big and small centered around love and kindred energy, and opportunities popping up like the dandelions and poppies.  I feel energized and ready to slide into June.  Here's the goodness that filled me up this month... Jen Lee has been wooing me lately with all of her grounding wisdom and inspiration, and Indie Kindred , her new full feature documentary on artist collaboration, I know is going to rock my world.  It hits the road this summer for nati

may 29 {just be pure wind}

I am thinking a lot about an idea that I had last fall.  I'm thinking it might almost be time to blow those seeds into the wind.  There have been steps taken and new roots planted over the last year that have me feeling sturdier to take the leap.  One of the terms in the sex-posi world is risk aware , a nod to the possible dangers of engaging in any activity, beit physical or emotional, when putting your trust into something or someone other than yourself.  Though this term is fairly specific to certain proclivities it applies to all areas of life, this idea that whatever leap you make could end up hurting you or coming apart at the seams no matter how well prepared you are, so you move forward with this knowledge and mindful respect towards all possible realities and potential outcomes.  Generally speaking, if you are in this realm of risky engagement you're there because the potential payoff is likely to be very high.  You are taking a leap of faith in order to experience som

may 26 {dotting my I's and crossing my T's}

{a card I made for my mom on her birthday this same day last year -   happy birthday mom! } I was writing some notes the other day and I realized something.  Over the course of these last several months I have begun to truly love my handwriting.  Overall, this isn't a big deal but as an artist, designer and creative spirit, I really appreciate this newfound acceptance and appreciation on so many levels.  I can remember all throughout middle and high school playing around with my hand, once writing very petite and prettily and another time trying on big loop-de-loops complete with round fat o's as dots over the I's.  Nothing ever felt quite right.  As someone who experiences the world through meaning, even this small expression of who I am was important to me. It still is. Most recently I have begun to write a lot more in cursive.  For a lot of my life, I was more apt to print because when I did write longhand I would tumble over forming my letters which slowed me down and c

may 25 {the beckoning of poppies}

It's time for the poppies!  There is something about these flowers.... maybe it's memories of the magical enchanted poppy field in the Wizard of Oz, or maybe it's all those vibrant and beautiful ones  Georgia O'Keeffe always painted .  Whatever it is there is a rich and cheerful quality, petals thrown open to the sunlight, to these wide winged flowers that makes me feel so cheerful and dreamy.  Even the name is just so darn happy.  This little landscaped garden of them down by the sea appears, bursting up suddenly every May, making me ridiculously giddy and wanting to sit amidst them for a spell.  I pull over each year and photograph them dancing against the backdrop of the lush new grass and the ever-changing deep blue sea.  It never gets old. Click, click, click.  Happy, happy, happy.

may 23 {i love the smell of fresh ink in the morning!}

G&G is coming along as the days seem to be zooming by.  Deadlines always do that, it seems.  It's going to be an awesome debut issue with some amazingly inspiring, fierce creative contributors sharing their own unique Glitter & Grunge narratives.  Filled with beautiful stories on creative community and inspired living, colorful pictorials of art and photography, as well as yummy projects, I know you'll find this new mini lifestyle magazine to be just the inspiration bomb I've imagined it to be!  I hope you'll want to carry with you like the little treasure it is, wherever you go. In fact, I am now accepting submissions for the Early Winter issue (Nov/Dec).  All the info is here . The process has been quite a learning curve, and one I know will continue as the zine grows and I settle into the role of Editor and Publisher.  This project has been on the dream shelf for as long as I can remember and it's exciting and scary to finally be giving it wings.  The way

may 21 {life as a harmony, not a balancing act}

You know the creaky moans of a settling old house sinking deeper into it's foundation and how it's real character finally emerges through the peeling paint, worn floorboards, and weathered cracks?  That's what my life feels like these days, beautifully coming into its own.  Forward momentum meets clarity. So a few exciting things have slid nicely into place behind the scenes, a new job, my first licensing deal, and some sacred gatherings in the making that have recently shaken loose yet another protective layer ready to be shed. The work is really what I should have been looking for all along - a small job that grounds and supports my creative pursuits yet is fun and dynamic with a very low drama profile.  I've always wanted to be a Shop Girl (of my own shop) but this is the next best thing!  I've taken on a position at a local indie vintage boutique as a merchandiser and stylist, drawing on all of my creative experiences and interests.  I knew when I walked in the

may 20 {recognizing a defining moment}

Alex and I attended a workshop together once, and had gone into a classroom filled with people milling about to find ourselves seats and wait for the class to begin.  Although the last period had ended and the wide double doors to the room were open, we didn't realize that we had walked into the tail end of the previous workshop until it was too late and too awkward to stand up and walk out. The energy of the room was respectfully quiet and wound very tight, to say intense is putting it too mildly.  Even though we had no idea what was really going on we knew it was obviously not something lighthearted, but it was captivating.  The people walking about were actually forming a line to take their turn approaching the front of the auditorium to write one evocative word onto a blank canvas... that canvas being a blindfolded and naked model standing near the podium.  The words that were being written were one's of beauty, care and nurturing, and each person attended to the task in si

may 18 {truly, madly, deeply}

I don't think I will every fully grasp the depth and breadth of kindred connections.  Even though I have been immersed in this creative world for some time now, it never ceases to amaze me how this kind of togetherness is so utterly supportive, beautiful, and full of love and light.  There is undoubtedly a different kind of collective energy created when like-minded women come together, and an ease that's so organic and completely open-hearted it fills the soul like nothing else.   It is buoyant, resonant, expansive and transformative. I see you... You see me. We are all makers of one kind or another.  This becomes a deep through-line of understanding eliminating some barrier of pretense that might otherwise be there, and it allows me to walk through vulnerability again and again to step into the embrace of a rich and diverse circle of familiarity and acceptance.  Whether we knit, paint, write, teach, design... the joy that is stitched together by simply gathering around a tabl

may 16 {island sanctuary: a postcard from home}

I live on an island where the population of birds is greater than the number people who permanently reside here.  It's a sanctuary, both actual and metaphorically, also with the sad irony that on the southern end of the peninsula houses are falling into the sea from what is a constantly eroding beach on a barrier island .  For some, this strip of land is anything but a safe haven. But on the Northern side we are tucked in safe on the inner basin, and life here is fairly constant.   Here, I commune with the sea and the sky every day.  I've become so attuned to the Earth's rhythms and seasons that it is largely what anchors me from one day to the next... the constant tidal flow, the position of the sun, and the wonder of everything big and small in between.  Salt water is indelibly in my soul. It's funny, it wasn't until the year we moved here that I ever even ventured to this place.  I grew up less than an hour away and had heard of Plum Island , but never came here.

may 14 {wishful living in my world}

A little slice of life as it's happening right now... Playing:  With two boys there is always Minecraft happening in this house, and moving them off the devices to get them outside means we are either talking about Minecraft strategies or enacting Minecraft scenarios in real life, mining diamonds, slaying zombies, and crafting things like swords and armor and chests.  Usually I really have no idea what the kids are talking about and I just enthusiastically play along as best I can ;)  Tball has been a fun diversion for Alex and a funny introduction to team sports for the little one (and the rest of the team) who really has no clue about what's going on.  It's like a mini live version of the Bad News Bears and endearingly hilarious, like when Athen cried with indignation because "he hit the ball at me!" and decidedly wants to be pitched to instead of having to use the tee - it's a steep but funny learning curve. Listening:  I've added two new podcasts to

may 13 {feeling dreamy}

My dreams have been really vivid lately.  I've been waking up every morning with a fresh one on the tip of my consciousness, and if I lay still for just a moment longer before I open my eyes I can will the dream to coalesce into my memory so I can carry it out of bed with me and release it like ashes to the wind.  At the center of these dreams always is a really strong feeling.   It's not so much the drama or even the people in those subconscious stories that are important, it's more the overall sense of what it is I'm feeling that is the key indicator and connects them experientially with my reality. I've somehow learned to listen to and trust these visceral sensations and not the narrative that has unfolded inside my head.  The other day I had a really intense dream about accidentally dropping my littlest one off a ledge, and the anguish is what woke me up - a general fear of trauma and tragedy, I think.  This morning I was dreaming of a snowy evening at a friend

may 11 {the happy story of a broken wing}

On the way home from my mom's birthday celebration last Saturday, I decided to take my little one to the park in order to run off some of the butter cream high.  The weather was more like a hot, wilting July day rather than the kind of weather that inspires May flowers, so I took him to a local park that I knew had a fountain thinking we might get a little refreshing splash.  Well, the fountain was on, but much to our dismay it was not the kind of water that beckoned ones toes to cool off in as it was an unsettling shade of green and filled with flotsam and jetsom.   Luckily, the twin fountains had the appeal of a little bridge that ran between them and my little one could not resist the urge to stand aloft and plop a few stones down into the murky depths, one of his current faves with any available body of water.  As we stood atop the bridge, I noticed right away this bright, white thing amidst the algae.  It looked like a small broken wing, and it both tugged on my heartstrings a

may 8 {the wisdom of deepening roots}

I have been deeply listing and reading and thinking about things.  It's new territory I'm exploring, a different space that now exists inside of me.  It doesn't feel like the uncomfortable drama of growing pains, but rather a quiet and deeper sinking in to my own tender, new roots.  It feels like spring inside and out. One of the things that is pulling me in a new direction is work, something I have been contemplating for a long time.  After the art show on Sunday, I finally realized that a piece of what I was missing in my previous work was structure.  I never really created a distinct container for my creative goals, and so it tended to bleed into all areas of my life.  I worked hard and got a lot of stuff done, but I can see now how that didn't really nourish me or my work.  It just kept me busy - the new four letter word of the year.  Even more importantly though, defining this structure I realize is an integral part of honoring the true commitment to sacred work,

may 6 {behind the scenes of my 1st art show}

Whew!  What a weekend.  I spent pretty much every waking moment either making art, immersed in art, or on an artful adventure.  Not a bad way to spend a jam packed 48 hours, but I'm exhausted in that oh-so-good, filled-to-the-brim kind of way.  The weather was sun shiny and stellar and perfectly cooperative for such things, even this morning's misty fog was a perfect, slow and easy start to the week after such crazy goodness. Yesterday's show was a great experience on so many levels, from preparation to post show follow-up.  Mostly, it went fairly smoothy and the new adventure has stirred up a whole new avenue of possibilities for my creative life.  I am trying to slowly let it all sink in while savoring all the juiciness and momentum that's been stirred up.  It's what I love most about artful living, that one endeavor always shakes loose ideas and inspiration for another.  I'm looking forward to seeing what emerges from this experience! Here's a bit of what

may 4 {what's your relationship status?}

Relationship dynamics are interesting.  Not just how one person relates to another, but also how relationships are structured.  I think for the most part, people and couples in general fall into two relationship categories, single or married.  Those are the only two boxes available to check off on any form that asks, right? But what about all the other kinds of relationships?  What box do they fall into?  Social normatives are extremely narrow for a myriad of reasons and the sad part is, whether it's preconceived gender norms like boys not wearing pink or broader social issues like women getting paid less in the workforce, that we often simply default to certain beliefs without really thinking through them. One thing that had me thinking about all of this the other day is the way women connect and relate.  There is a huge continuum of social interactions, and especially feelings, that we have towards one another as fellow human beings.  Without throwing gender preference into the m

may 2 {this sorta fairytale}

You know how we sometimes think one thing is a certain way, and then come to realize when faced with the reality that it's completely not?  It happens all the time. There are so many scenarios - actually every scenario - where we are telling ourselves a story about how a particular situation, reaction, experience is playing out.  How we perceive and show up in the world is completely filtered through these stories.  We talk a lot about "story" in the creative living realm when we are referring to one's own true personal narrative, which includes both experiences as well as thoughts and feelings. Sometimes the stories we believe way deep down because of our experiences in life, are fairytales.  They're not true.  And this diversion can keep us from staying on the path we are meant to be on, and from being happy.  My stories sometimes tell me that I am not an artist, that I'm not a good enough mother, that there will never be enough, that my husband is mad at m

may 1 {unshiny moments}

This post is inspired by Celina , who suggested that in the wake of all this talk about social media sharing, we throw caution to the wind and share a bit of the gritty and real imperfection.  Just like Celina, it's hard to post this unshiny photo, which actually kind of surprises me.  I didn't really know how that would feel so tender, especially where I do often write about sensitive things.  I guess an image does speak a thousand words, and it feels kind of awkward and unpleasant to throw this image into the mix of my other more composed and polished shots of pretty things.  Yes, already this exercise is a good one. As far as my unshiny things (and there are many in my life right now aside from this sink full of dirty dishes, which I plan to tackle after writing this post), some of which I actually have already talked about in this space and others tuck into the wings.  What you can't see is that my life is in a really challenging place that is growing uncertainty and