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may 18 {truly, madly, deeply}

I don't think I will every fully grasp the depth and breadth of kindred connections.  Even though I have been immersed in this creative world for some time now, it never ceases to amaze me how this kind of togetherness is so utterly supportive, beautiful, and full of love and light.  There is undoubtedly a different kind of collective energy created when like-minded women come together, and an ease that's so organic and completely open-hearted it fills the soul like nothing else.   It is buoyant, resonant, expansive and transformative.

I see you... You see me.

We are all makers of one kind or another.  This becomes a deep through-line of understanding eliminating some barrier of pretense that might otherwise be there, and it allows me to walk through vulnerability again and again to step into the embrace of a rich and diverse circle of familiarity and acceptance.  Whether we knit, paint, write, teach, design... the joy that is stitched together by simply gathering around a table covered with scraps of pretty paper, earthy yarn and beautiful food, kinship becomes the real sustenance - the richest marrow of artful and inspired living.

I am so incredibly and immeasurably grateful to have such a gorgeous community of women in my life.