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may 20 {recognizing a defining moment}

Alex and I attended a workshop together once, and had gone into a classroom filled with people milling about to find ourselves seats and wait for the class to begin.  Although the last period had ended and the wide double doors to the room were open, we didn't realize that we had walked into the tail end of the previous workshop until it was too late and too awkward to stand up and walk out.

The energy of the room was respectfully quiet and wound very tight, to say intense is putting it too mildly.  Even though we had no idea what was really going on we knew it was obviously not something lighthearted, but it was captivating.  The people walking about were actually forming a line to take their turn approaching the front of the auditorium to write one evocative word onto a blank canvas... that canvas being a blindfolded and naked model standing near the podium.  The words that were being written were one's of beauty, care and nurturing, and each person attended to the task in silent reverence writing their piece delicately across the girls creamy skin careful not to touch her otherwise, and then returned to their seat.

I later learned that the class was about the realization of intent and desire, how our needs and wants can give life to our deepest thoughts and feelings through the momentum of action and interaction.  It was a practicum in helping people to pinpoint these visceral defining moments, when something that exists only in our mind actually crosses over into reality, so that we can better recognized and find fulfillment - this is just the simple cliffs-notes version of the class as it was a lot more dynamic and complex than I can describe here in the two dimensional.  The model was the vessel and muse for the ideas and bare energy of the crowd, both positive and negative, her nakedness a potent symbol of vulnerability.  After what was apparently a wild emotional ride for the entire group, what we witnessed was the culmination and careful act of everyone bringing this girl back to safety, pouring kind energy and love back into her.

I'm thinking about this sort of abstractly today and in the context of many things... the way we manifest what we want, the way we interact with others, and the way our stories influence every nuance and every interaction we come across whether we are aware of it or not - and ultimately how interconnected we all really are because of this.  Sometimes I have to pay closer attention to these bridges of energy and where I want them to take me, and sometimes I only have to stop where I am and take in the view to realize that I am already right where I want to be.  The defining moment can be subtle and a lot less flashy than imagined and sometimes it even occurs in a place completely unexpected, like in a class I accidentally, yet serendipitously, wandered in to.