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may 21 {life as a harmony, not a balancing act}

You know the creaky moans of a settling old house sinking deeper into it's foundation and how it's real character finally emerges through the peeling paint, worn floorboards, and weathered cracks?  That's what my life feels like these days, beautifully coming into its own.  Forward momentum meets clarity.

So a few exciting things have slid nicely into place behind the scenes, a new job, my first licensing deal, and some sacred gatherings in the making that have recently shaken loose yet another protective layer ready to be shed.

The work is really what I should have been looking for all along - a small job that grounds and supports my creative pursuits yet is fun and dynamic with a very low drama profile.  I've always wanted to be a Shop Girl (of my own shop) but this is the next best thing!  I've taken on a position at a local indie vintage boutique as a merchandiser and stylist, drawing on all of my creative experiences and interests.  I knew when I walked in the door for my first interview and saw the turquoise colored walls, the flowered vintage suitcase display, and heard the retro-pop mix of music streaming at a volume that made it feel festive and fun, that I was in the right place.  Yes.  I couldn't have dialed this one in any better.  I'm looking forward to learning all about decades of styles and clothing!  Yet another reason to go see Gatsby (Prada did the styling, after all).

I haven't gotten all the details about the licensing offer yet, but all fine print is in en route.  I might have to hug my mailman when he delivers this letter!  I submitted some writing pieces to this company about a month ago after finding their ad on Craig's List of all places.  I knew when I read the company description and prospectus that it was a really good fit for my voice and writing style, so I wrote 3 prose pieces off the top of my head and emailed them right in.  Lo and behold, I got an acceptance letter not too long after.  I don't know which of the pieces they are interested in, but I'm so completely thrilled!

The gathering is happening simply because I am making it a priority and not getting too caught up in the not-good-enough-gremlins that always seem to pipe up when required to show up in this way.  This voice has kept me quiet and smallish at times, and I'm just so done with that now.  Wouldn't you know, things are starting to align there as well.  I was invited to an amazing event this summer, I'll be returning to Squam for a little visit in a few weeks, I'm settling on a date for my next creative-soul get together, and I am thinking more and more about stepping more seriously into the role of Teacher.

It is all very new, but it feels really good and perfectly timed and harmonious.  So much wide open space to grow into and I'm looking forward to settling and marinating in it all, served with a serious helping of radical gratitude on the side.