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may 23 {i love the smell of fresh ink in the morning!}

G&G is coming along as the days seem to be zooming by.  Deadlines always do that, it seems.  It's going to be an awesome debut issue with some amazingly inspiring, fierce creative contributors sharing their own unique Glitter & Grunge narratives.  Filled with beautiful stories on creative community and inspired living, colorful pictorials of art and photography, as well as yummy projects, I know you'll find this new mini lifestyle magazine to be just the inspiration bomb I've imagined it to be!  I hope you'll want to carry with you like the little treasure it is, wherever you go.

In fact, I am now accepting submissions for the Early Winter issue (Nov/Dec).  All the info is here.

The process has been quite a learning curve, and one I know will continue as the zine grows and I settle into the role of Editor and Publisher.  This project has been on the dream shelf for as long as I can remember and it's exciting and scary to finally be giving it wings.  The way social media and the DIY publishing world have grown, and having such a rich and incredible community especially, is what really is making this all possible.  I love too the way it has reawakened my inner print designer.  Oh my, how things have changed.

Here's the new Wishstudio Life postcard created as part of this project and promoting my own art.  It's the first big step to refining and re-branding the studio with a cleaner, more cohesive look.  If you would like one, I am happy to send one to you!  Just drop me an email with your snail mail addy to mindy at wishstudio dot com, and I'll send one out to you as soon as they arrive hot off the presses!

You will find some other small changes with the freshened up logo in the near future, and I am working on pretty packaging for the zine as well as for my art.  Yes, I have even been fiddling with my Etsy shop, which has been dormant for most of its existence.  It's my goal to have a few things in there as I also gear up to release G&G into the world.  Things are happening people.  Thank you for being a part of all the goodness!