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may 25 {the beckoning of poppies}

It's time for the poppies!  There is something about these flowers.... maybe it's memories of the magical enchanted poppy field in the Wizard of Oz, or maybe it's all those vibrant and beautiful ones Georgia O'Keeffe always painted.  Whatever it is there is a rich and cheerful quality, petals thrown open to the sunlight, to these wide winged flowers that makes me feel so cheerful and dreamy.  Even the name is just so darn happy.  This little landscaped garden of them down by the sea appears, bursting up suddenly every May, making me ridiculously giddy and wanting to sit amidst them for a spell.  I pull over each year and photograph them dancing against the backdrop of the lush new grass and the ever-changing deep blue sea.  It never gets old.

Click, click, click.  Happy, happy, happy.