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may 29 {just be pure wind}

I am thinking a lot about an idea that I had last fall.  I'm thinking it might almost be time to blow those seeds into the wind.  There have been steps taken and new roots planted over the last year that have me feeling sturdier to take the leap. 

One of the terms in the sex-posi world is risk aware, a nod to the possible dangers of engaging in any activity, beit physical or emotional, when putting your trust into something or someone other than yourself.  Though this term is fairly specific to certain proclivities it applies to all areas of life, this idea that whatever leap you make could end up hurting you or coming apart at the seams no matter how well prepared you are, so you move forward with this knowledge and mindful respect towards all possible realities and potential outcomes.  Generally speaking, if you are in this realm of risky engagement you're there because the potential payoff is likely to be very high.  You are taking a leap of faith in order to experience something that can only be had by making the jump.  Kind of like skydiving.  Such is life.

As things are taking on a more solid shape for Wishstudio, I have been able to progress a bit in every direction.  Being aware of the risks is at the forefront of every decision I make lately.  I am beginning to see how my success is more a state of mind and not some abstract goal to someday reach.  I'm not afraid to fail, but I am letting go more and more of that possibility of failure because if that's what I am clinging to in the back of my mind, just in case, that's likely what will keep me from actually succeeding.  Blind faith is not the same as risk aware.  It's more in the planning and less in the leaping, at least that is the obvious shift that my intentions are focused on these days.

So what you might see come to fruition this fall is the gathering I always wanted to create, a rich and juicy one day escape for some great classes, good food, nourishing company, and ocean breezes.  Maybe even a jaunt into town for some wine and shopping afterwards.  I want so much to share my growing love affair with the island with all of you!  I've been practicing bringing my peeps together and that's been filling me up with crazygoodness as well as helping me to build the bridge that will make this reality simply just the next logical step.  I'm getting so close, I think I can almost taste it.