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may 31 {may crush list}

May, you were full of sweet surprises, beautiful gatherings, inspiring bursts of creativity and lots of forward momentum into new and beautiful territory!  Nothing like heading into the mid-year mark with things moving and grooving right along.  The constant rhythm of the year, rooting, shedding, growing, and repeat (as my son would say, "pattern power!") has been keeping pace in all the chaos, and May was filled with lots of grounding creativity, gorgeous spring awakenings of all manner of flora and fauna, many gatherings both big and small centered around love and kindred energy, and opportunities popping up like the dandelions and poppies.  I feel energized and ready to slide into June.  Here's the goodness that filled me up this month...

Jen Lee has been wooing me lately with all of her grounding wisdom and inspiration, and Indie Kindred, her new full feature documentary on artist collaboration, I know is going to rock my world.  It hits the road this summer for nationwide screenings, so stay tuned and check it when it comes near you!

There are so many amazing art retreats out there, but Brave Girl Camp with Melody Ross is one I have had my eye on for years.  I just got my early-bird invite, and I am seriously considering going next year.  Wanna come with me?

So, for years I have been a blog reader and I usually followed my daily reads via my own (or someone elses) blogroll.  Those days seem long gone and these lists have given way to faster and more organized feeds.  Hello, Feedly!  Thank you for bringing me my daily dose of inspiration!

Things are heating up at all the local farmers + flea markets and I can't wait to explore them all... Todd Farm, Newburyport Farmers Market, SOWA, Dover Arts MArket, Vintage Bazaar and more... oh, my!

Maxi dresses (though mine is lavender and I found it gently used for $38!).  Although most of them are made for girls who are five foot seven or taller, I found one I love and adore the easy breezy lightness of these casual but fun summer dresses.

While wandering down the beach we always come home with buckets of treasures.  This year it seems like there is a ton of beautiful driftwood and so I'm thinking of making one of these this summer.

I'm loving my Strathmore mixed media art journal and the heavy and toothed pages are perfect for layering tons of paint and papers.  I don't know what took me so long to discover these!

Summer is perfect for vintage quilts, for laying on the beach, spreading out a picnic at the park, or just cozying up on a breezy evening.  I have a few in my collection, but I'm hoping to find one or two more amidst my flea market wandering to add to the pile.  They're kind of like shoes, you can never have too many.

My love affair with the library continues.  I've been finding some really great reads that I probably would have never picked up otherwise.  Even the little one is enamored with our weekly trips.  What could be better than books, movies, and free playgroups and museum passes?

I was introduced to Skinny Girl Cosmo by my friend Mindi at her fabulous barn party earlier this month.  It's light and super delish, and you could mix it up a zillion ways with fruit or freshly squeezed juice.  A perfect chilled summer cocktail.