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jun.29 {june crush list}

June was a particularly reflective month while also being filled with so much goodness and gratitude for all that has come to be thus far.  I drifted over the half year mark with ease continuing to feel deeply grounded in my life.  There's been a through-line of family and friends, work, and plenty of play and somehow I've been able to find the sweet spot in the midst.  I'm not sure how I conjured up all this good juju, but I'm seriously happy and content. So rounding the corner into summer, June has been the perfect introduction with beach time, ice cream, super full moons, fireworks over the basin (which happen for about a 6 weeks out of the summer, not just 4th of July!), and lots of art-making out on the deck.  AND to top it all off, my computer decided to  heal itself while I was away this past week and the trackpad previously broken, now works.  That's kinda how it's been around here, magic when you least expect it.  Here are some of the goods from this pa

jun.28 {relationship physics and second hand truths}

We've been away with my husband's family to attend a burial at sea this past week and I am happy that upon returning we've been greeted by a quiet fog and an empty weekend to rest and refuel.  Funerals, even under the best of circumstances can be tough to navigate and helping my boys to understand what was happening and why was my primary task to manage.  I've learned that during these times of uncertainty of what to say, explain or share with them, the little ones will ask the questions they need to and there is really nothing more to do than create a safe container for them to live through these harder life experiences. The ceremony ended up being really lovely, and although the evening was picturesque and full of sentiment on different levels, I didn't take any pictures at all.  I think it was because I just didn't feel like it was my story to capture and tell, but I know I will always remember those red, white and yellow rose petals floating away on the wav

jun.25 {the sweet civility of virtual porch lounging}

I moved back to Blogger this past year because I've been longing a bit for the simpler, early blogging days.  There was a delicious languorous pace to things then where you took time to really delve into writing and reading blog posts, wandering for hours on end from one beckoning link to the next gathering and sharing delectable bits along the way.  There was no Inspiration Super Highway (otherwise known as Facebook) where the traffic is zooming by at such a treacherous pace you barely feel like you're up to speed or even noticed standing there on the median in your dayglo orange and waving your glittery sign at passers by trying not to get squashed.  They say the average read time on a site these days is two minutes, and I even read somewhere that experts are predicting blogs would be obsolete in the near future as everyone is now consuming their information in smaller, faster bites.  God, I hope not.  What ever happened to the civility of lounging on one anothers' virtua

jun.21 {and so the summer love affair begins}

It's been a crazier than normal week. The end of school, the summer solstice and a super moon on the rise all swelling together in to one intense crescendo.  It's been one of the weeks where motherhood has been really hard (complete with one epic mom-failure), energy has been a bit erratic, and my head feels fuzzy and buzzy with all that is clambering for attention.  It's not overwhelm, it's just the intensity of things being ratcheted up more than usual. This morning I decided to take some time to bring the little guy to the beach and boardwalk for some good old fashioned fun and sun and it was the perfect way to say goodbye to spring and slip into summer.  The light, oh the light!  Everything seemed so shimmery and bright, and the color of the sky and sea were like the deepest and softest aquamarine imaginable.  Replete. So, now we are home recovering from the skee ball and sticky fried dough and I feel renewed enough to dive into a bit of work.  I've finally got

jun.18 {it takes a village}

One of the amazing benefits to living a creative life is all the crazyinspiring people, ideas and opportunities that surround me every single day.  This week kicks off two wholehearted summer projects I have happily signed on for, another wonderful round of Love Notes with a sweet new artful pen pal, and an online class with Melody Ross that is perfectly timed with where I am at these days.  Can't wait to dive into both! Yesterday, I received a fun postcard from the lovely Celina Weiss who is off on an adventure of a lifetime, her Instant Road Trip.  I am so thrilled her creative dream was made real, which inspires and reminds me that indeed, anything is possible especially with the support of kindred friends!  I also got word that a big box of LOVE I mailed over the weekend was received safe-and-sound by a friend of mine for her summer BraveGirlsArt camp .  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to imagine young girls being inspired and empowered by their own creative goodn

jun.15 {wish alchemy}

{true} 6x6 mixed media on wood Wish Alchemy:  the process of taking everyday life, dreams, and moments and transforming them into something meaningful and extraordinary. This idea is so much a part of my constitution... a parallel journey of my life unfolding and my purpose in action.  It's my very own brand of magic. I can't tell you how long this phrase has been sitting in my idea notebook transcribed onto new pages year after year, as a website, a possible ecourse, a workshop, a book title.  I finally came to realize that while these words still might evolve into one or more of these projects, it is simply the essence of Wishstudio - the alchemy of experience, creativity, passionate work, community, story, and daring wishes, all mixed up into beautiful elixirs of color, inspiration and love!  A dash of this and a sprinkle of that, infinite combinations and possible outcomes, just like my boys making "potion" with cups of colored water in the shower. Life is an expe

jun.13 {a lesson from Mother Earth on overwhelm}

We just finished up our very first Science Fair project.  Well, Owen worked his butt off to get his project done, we just sort of helped him stay on track, organize and assemble all the pieces.  The experiment was to see which kind of soil would grow the best sunflower between compost, potting soil, and earth.  All bets were on either the compost or the potting soil, but I was rooting for good old earth which sadly seemed very much like the underdog. And wouldn't you know, Mother Nature kicked butt.  The girl knows what she's doing. I know that this theory was tested in only a simple way, but the lesson learned is this... things are good enough just as they are.  I forget this, a lot.  Adding, adding, adding, trying to make things better, when more , is often tandem to overwhelm... and overwhelm in my house looks like nuclear meltdown. When a huge mountain stands in the way, the capacity to think rationally and ask for any kind of help diminishes significantly resulting in eith

jun.11 {love my body, love myself}

I'm fresh off the matt from trying a new exercise class, barre, a combination of yoga, ballet and pilates.  It also was the first time I've taken my little guy to a drop-off childcare group, thinking this might be the perfect thing for us both - exercise for me, practice towards preschool independence for him.  I was more hesitant around his readiness than my own, but happy to say we both were fine! He blended right into the new scenario without any problem, off to the slide before I could say goodbye.  I sank into the experience fairly easily as well.  Meeting new women in a new setting is always a little awkward, especially when the focus is on the physical and there could be comparison and other unwanted gremlins staring right back at you from a giant mirror that is not all that forgiving.  I knew to enjoy the experience I had to just keep my focus more inward, find my body awareness, and connect with that energy and sink in with gentleness and care. As I moved through the c

jun.10 {be, let go, imagine, allow}

Squam Lake (This post title is the words of this spring's retreat.) Fresh back from the lake , I realize how much things are evolving.  Sitting on the same dock last September, I was in such a tender in-between place trying to release into the experience of something I had been dreaming of for so, so long which also happened to coincide with my dad's very last cancer treatment.  I was in a very different place for sure.  This time around I could feel how much more rooted I am, my awareness of how I'm moving through each moment so clear and feeling so much less guarded and more trusting of my own truth. Though it was a brief weekend at Squam, I felt embraced by the simple beauty and the rich magic of it all, being with old and new friends gathered from across the miles while acting as a keeper of the flame in a way, helping to welcome and nurture this tribe that feels like home in so many ways.  I didn't make any art while I was there, but I was making something else, so

jun.5 {on a personal note: LGBT and parenthood}

It's Pride Week here in Boston, and it has me thinking... about the positive power and support of the LGBT community, about the (still) negative stereotypes and ignorance around such lifestyles, and about the integration of all of this into my own family.  I asked Owen if they talked at all about Pride in school and of course unsurprisingly, he said no, and so I'm also wondering when it will be time to arm him with more information. Alex is not officially Out, as in, he hasn't made any formal announcement to family and friends about the status of his sexual orientation.  I guess it never really felt that relevant to share, but by all accounts in support of LGBT rights I understand it's importance.  I especially think about the young kids who are amongst this minority, the ones who are struggling to come to terms with their own identity, who have families and communities who don't accept or support them, and who are at such high risk for hate crimes, drug and sexual

jun.4 {macro micro}

{macro}   The big picture.   Every time I see a hawk now, this is the phrase that pops into my head. While on our way to a mini vacation over the weekend there was the reminder again, quite a large hawk sitting on the big, green highway sign announcing our exit.  Even my son noticed it and thought that it was cool, but a bit odd.  So I keep trying to get a wider view of things, zooming my perspective further and further out and trying to remember not to get stuck on the minor details.  I'm in the process of creating a desire map, charting how I want my life to feel and the many ways in which to get there. Right now there are many aspects of my life that feel solid and nourishing, but there are others that are still like the pea under the princess's mattress - no matter how much I pile on top I can still feel them which is subsequently keeping me from really sleeping well at night.  I know, I know... it's getting rid of said problems that is the real solution, not just cover

jun.2 {time ripens all things}

When I was in high school my favorite class was no surprise, art, specifically Graphic Design.  I wasn't fearless enough then to paint or draw.  It was long before the time where computers did most of the work, in fact I remember the few Macs the art department did have were these seemingly obscure, complex machines that I never really learned how to use very well.  It was mostly manual cut and paste, for logos, color studies, font and letter design, and I even remember cutting by hand an entire envelope of perfect 1 inch circles for one of our graded assignments.  It turned out my inner perfectionist had a knack for exactitude which I am still, to this day, trying to further unwind.  We used actual sheets of pantone paper, which I loved and so clearly remember the texture of, and an exacto knife was the main tool of the trade.  Ah, the good old days. As a senior, I remember being invited with some of my other graduating classmates to my art teacher's house for a kind of farew