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jun.10 {be, let go, imagine, allow}

Squam Lake

(This post title is the words of this spring's retreat.)

Fresh back from the lake, I realize how much things are evolving.  Sitting on the same dock last September, I was in such a tender in-between place trying to release into the experience of something I had been dreaming of for so, so long which also happened to coincide with my dad's very last cancer treatment.  I was in a very different place for sure.  This time around I could feel how much more rooted I am, my awareness of how I'm moving through each moment so clear and feeling so much less guarded and more trusting of my own truth.

Though it was a brief weekend at Squam, I felt embraced by the simple beauty and the rich magic of it all, being with old and new friends gathered from across the miles while acting as a keeper of the flame in a way, helping to welcome and nurture this tribe that feels like home in so many ways.  I didn't make any art while I was there, but I was making something else, something intangible yet deeply palpable and significant.  And it was exactly where I was meant to be.  This, I know for sure.