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jun.15 {wish alchemy}

{true} 6x6 mixed media on wood

Wish Alchemy:  the process of taking everyday life, dreams, and moments and transforming them into something meaningful and extraordinary.

This idea is so much a part of my constitution... a parallel journey of my life unfolding and my purpose in action.  It's my very own brand of magic.

I can't tell you how long this phrase has been sitting in my idea notebook transcribed onto new pages year after year, as a website, a possible ecourse, a workshop, a book title.  I finally came to realize that while these words still might evolve into one or more of these projects, it is simply the essence of Wishstudio - the alchemy of experience, creativity, passionate work, community, story, and daring wishes, all mixed up into beautiful elixirs of color, inspiration and love!  A dash of this and a sprinkle of that, infinite combinations and possible outcomes, just like my boys making "potion" with cups of colored water in the shower.

Life is an experiment.  You only get to live each moment, once.  And if you add truth, all you desire and are truly passionate about, life becomes an adventure and ultimately your own unique legacy.

And it's all there inside of you waiting to be discovered.