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jun.18 {it takes a village}

One of the amazing benefits to living a creative life is all the crazyinspiring people, ideas and opportunities that surround me every single day.  This week kicks off two wholehearted summer projects I have happily signed on for, another wonderful round of Love Notes with a sweet new artful pen pal, and an online class with Melody Ross that is perfectly timed with where I am at these days.  Can't wait to dive into both!

Yesterday, I received a fun postcard from the lovely Celina Weiss who is off on an adventure of a lifetime, her Instant Road Trip.  I am so thrilled her creative dream was made real, which inspires and reminds me that indeed, anything is possible especially with the support of kindred friends!  I also got word that a big box of LOVE I mailed over the weekend was received safe-and-sound by a friend of mine for her summer BraveGirlsArt camp.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to imagine young girls being inspired and empowered by their own creative goodness and the magic that I know Amy will bring. So. Damn. Happy.

There is so much beautiful giving and receiving in this community, and it fills my heart up to no end.  Seriously.  Life changing inspiration, invaluable love and support of one another's big dreams allowing each of us to spread our wings wider and soar into that place beyond the rainbow that we never could have imagined or discovered alone.  I'm so thankful for every ounce of juicy goodness sent my way, and that I get to spread my own brand of creative fairy dust here and there.  It's all so good.  

Reach out.  Lean in.

There is incredible abundance and love all around.