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jun.21 {and so the summer love affair begins}

It's been a crazier than normal week. The end of school, the summer solstice and a super moon on the rise all swelling together in to one intense crescendo.  It's been one of the weeks where motherhood has been really hard (complete with one epic mom-failure), energy has been a bit erratic, and my head feels fuzzy and buzzy with all that is clambering for attention.  It's not overwhelm, it's just the intensity of things being ratcheted up more than usual.

This morning I decided to take some time to bring the little guy to the beach and boardwalk for some good old fashioned fun and sun and it was the perfect way to say goodbye to spring and slip into summer.  The light, oh the light!  Everything seemed so shimmery and bright, and the color of the sky and sea were like the deepest and softest aquamarine imaginable.  Replete.

So, now we are home recovering from the skee ball and sticky fried dough and I feel renewed enough to dive into a bit of work.  I've finally got a couple of things listed in my Etsy shop, my first Love Notes postcard is prepped and drying, I've got a brand new handmade art journal I'm working in, and I am planning an exciting collaborative gathering and workshop for fall - yay!  All good things.

Summer's on people!  I think a walk on the beach in the moonlight might be in my future as well.

Happy solstice!