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jul.11 {a little birdie told me...}

While I'm not the biggest user of Twitter, I do like to send out a little message every now and then.  I know not all of you are followers (but thank you, ever so, if you are!) so I though I'd gather together a few of my favorite tweets to share.  There is something so wonderful about serving up such a small yet sweet bit of inspiration, a delectable little slice of life!  Yum.

"Embrace the winding road, you never know what adventure you will find."

"A great networking tip: right pocket for YES business cards, left pocket for ones to pass on."

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. ~ Aniais Nin"

"Trust in the impossible, then work your butt of to make it happen!"

"Create an on-the-go art kit with precut ATC's, pens and glue for in-the-moment art making."

"Be specific with your wishes, the universe is not a mind reader!"

"Everyone is gifted, but some people never unwrap their package. Open up and share yours with the world!"

"The power of touch can be so healing. Hug and snuggle more."

"Feeling all rainy-day book snuggling, tea sipping, love making, nap taking softness in the quiet drizzle."

"Library luv today: sequined collage, summer reading log with prizes, 2 cute water bottles, bubble play, fuscia popsicle, hula hooping!" (I love my library ;)

"I like how they relabeled the Self Help section to Self Improvement. Much better."

"Embrace the ever-important art of the goodie bag!"

"Whoever it was who suggested to use a Pyrex pie plate as a pallet - genius!  Thank you."

"Life gets good, real and interesting when we drop our defenses and get naked."

"Totally craving a day in NYC to take photos, check out styles, eat beautiful food, explore and energize! Wanna come?"

"Ideas are like shoes... if they fit well and are current for the season they will take you far."

"Pre-K orientation, 2 thoughts: 1 it's bittersweet in a new way with child #2, and 2, he'll be asking to play Minecraft on the Smartboard for sure."

"Scavenge in your bag and create a small collage from what you find. A fun little creative exercise."

"There's something about dance movies that I love... I think it's the passionate indomitable prevailing spirit. Yes!"

"Sometimes I wish I didn't feel things so deeply, other times I think there's no better way."