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jul.17 {the magic of heart rocks}

The other day my little guy brought me home a heart rock from the beach.  Actually, both my kids often bring me heart rocks they've found and get so excited about adding more to our growing collection.  I have a lot of heart rocks.  Even my mom and dad recently gave me a big beautiful one which was so touching because the true gift wasn't the rock itself (though I love it!), it was being seen and acknowledged by them in this unique and meaningful way.  I love how my family associates me with these little treasures.  Even Alex will see a heart somewhere and point it out to me, sweetly teasing me about this small obsession.

So I was thinking about this, about how we see the world.  I know that it's not that more heart rocks magically appear to me, it is all about our awareness and perception of things.  I simply see the world as full of love.  I believe that life is love.  It's how I choose to see things, and so this becomes my reality and truth of how things are.  Love is everywhere... I find it written on trees, spray painted on the ground, in clouds in the sky, in a sea of stones at the beach, always on my path and not just in the warm embrace of my family and friends.

But what I am most grateful for, what I find truly magical, is that my kids see this love as well, in the shape of leaves, in a bowl of heart-shaped cherries, in broken shells.  Heart rocks are now a special part of their story too.  They always share these with me with so much joy and excitement when they discover them.  Really, a mom couldn't ask for anything more than being associated with love.  I hope when they come across these rocks from now on, they'll always remind them of how very much I love them and ultimately how much love there is in this world.

Love is all around us.  Just look, and you will see it too.