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jul.20 {i miss my husband}

I think Alex and I seriously need a date.  In Alaska.

Let's just say that this sweltering summer has not been at all conducive to our togetherness.  In fact, the two of us have been sleeping in separate beds for the better part of this season so that we can judiciously share the air conditioning with the kids which means the early birds retire to the quiet and chilly bedroom around 8:30 (that would be me and the little guy), and the night owls camp out in the cool livingroom with the t.v. and blow up mattress.  Sounds romantic, no?  The kids think it's pretty awesome.

So I miss my husband something aweful.  This morning when we all shifted out of our separate nightly repose, Alex and I twined in bed together for about 2.3 seconds until a boy came bursting into our room looking for a partner to help him take out a virtual army of skeleton pirates.  Oh, well.  Just another reason to look forward to fall.