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jul.22 {joy. beauty. love.}

"She is a Keeper of Treasure" 20x16 mixed media on canvas 

It was a full but lazy weekend (is that possible?) that was overflowing with the good stuff, and at a pace that was unhurried yet engrossing, like getting lost in a good book one page beckoning to the next.  The highlight of the last few days was big brother conquering his fear and finally learning to ride a bike (woo hoo!).  We were all overjoyed at the crossing of this milestone, just shy of his tenth birthday. It's never to late to learn something.  Someone might be getting a new bike for his birthday next month.  There was other sweetness too, like an evening walk to get ice cream, and cooking out a yummy grilled feast, goodies received in the mail, and the cooler air thankfully returning, big purple green beans and our first little tomato from the garden, making paper lanterns, and exciting forward progress on the zine that has been such a fun challenge to create.  To top it all off, the prettiest pale pink sky.

These are the treasures I tuck into my pockets for safe keeping and make my life feel so richly abundant.

Joy.  Beauty.  Love.