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jul.25 {my declaration of celebration!}

{celebration} :: to observe a notable occasion with festivities.

Yes, please!

When asked to muse on this word for The Declaration of You blog tour, I immediately think of sparkly confetti, colorful balloons and streamers, laughter, and the joyful gathering of friends and loved ones.  A really festive and special occasion topped off with all the bells and whistles of beautiful food, inspired decorations, and personalized goodie bags.  I also really resonated with what Susannah Conway wrote in her interview as part of the Celebration chapter of Jessica and Michelle's fabulous new book (and awesome workbook) on owning your You-ness, and feel that connection to both gratitude and love as part of the celebratory process as well.  They are a big piece, for sure.

Then it hit me and I knew exactly what my Declaration of Celebration is:  it's sharing the goodness.

My accomplishments don't happen alone.  They are supported, inspired and buoyed by the amazing creative community I am lucky enough to be a part of every single day, and without YOU(!) my creative work would have far less meaning.  So, celebrating for me is shooting those fireworks back out into the world so others can enjoy what magic I've found:

a creative lesson I've learned...{boom!}
a beautiful bunch of farmers market flowers I just couldn't resist... {pop!}
brilliant ideas I discover... {bang!}
a silly or sweet moment... {ooooh!}
launching a new project out into the world... {sizzle!}

Sharing the baby steps and the big accomplishments that make up my everyday creative life and then gathering people around the goodness, whether it's on my Facebook page, at a workshop I'm hosting or around my kitchen table, creates togetherness that kindles the spark and in large part IS the celebration - and yes, when you celebrate with me there are always goodies!

Festivities, to me, are most meaningful when shared.  It's how I show my gratitude and love, fill my own well and stay inspired.  By sharing, we all get to celebrate and do the happy dance together!