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jul.27 {when the muse comes to play}

...I could have also aptly titled this post as, 'the chaos in my head'

I was up for what seemed like hours last night painting a new project in my head.  I was almost tempted enough to get out of bed, as the muse tirelessly spun her magic in the darkness.  But since it was the middle of the night, I decided it would be better to just watch it all unfold in my mind.  This morning, I grabbed from the stash the big piece of vintage linen my imagination was playing with and set it on my studio table ready to become what I envisioned.

I can't wait to begin.  I love beginnings.

The spark.  The idea.  The path that materializes right before my eyes, and all I have to do is jump in and trust and follow.  A lot of my projects begin this way... as thoughts that have momentum and energy of their own, with me following closely behind while manifesting the intangible into the something I can hold in my hands and experience in real life.

And so this is also the challenge, to wrangle and sort through all of these thoughts as they continuously pop into my head, and sometimes at the most inconvenient times, like in a yoga class or while driving down the fast lane on the highway.  I try to capture as many as I can either by scribbling them down onto whatever piece of paper is nearby or tapping them into my iphone memo pad.

I have a stack of notebooks full of these bits and pieces, and I love going back and re-reading what my head was conjuring up years ago because I never know what notes might leap out and grab me. Sometimes these ideas can sit on the shelf for years before they finally feel juicy and ripe enough to pick. Other times, like this new painting I'm about to make, they are born ready to become something right away, and many many others simply die on the vine.  There have been times when I wished I could turn off what has often felt like an overwhelming gush of inspiration, but most the time I adore living in this compelling flow of creative impulse, even though it sometimes keeps me awake at night.