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jul.3 {selling my soul}

{she is a keeper of treasure} in progress

I'm fairly new to selling my own work, but I heard something yesterday that made me stop and think.  It was about changing the notion of "I hate marketing and promotion" (which I have definitely said in the past) to "I believe in what I have to offer, so I want to share it with the world!".  Feels very different, no?  And don't we believe in the work that we do?

I think that putting a value on something that we have created is a tender thing.  It's tandem to saying "This is what I am worth".  At least that's how it feels to me in my most vulnerable moments.

Whether it's a piece of art, a book, a workshop or retreat, I have to first stand wholeheartedly behind the work I do, then I have to believe in the fact that someone out there will feel the same.  I've heard the idea that your customers will find you no matter what your product or price point.  To be honest, I've always thought that if things are priced too high they won't sell, that it's more about economics than true value, but I am starting to see how these thoughts can truly effect the bottom line.

Yes, there is a bit of finance involved, but I think the greater challenge is overcoming the fear of not succeeding and of our work being rejected.  A lot of the success has to do with having enough confidence to sit in that place of vulnerability with our work and worth (seemingly), out there in plane sight.  I think by smallering the value of either, is tandem building a glass ceiling above our heads.  The less I can ultimately be attached to the judgement of others, the more I can focus on the good work and part of that good work is in the sharing (a.k.a. marketing).  I think it will always feel vulnerable, but that can't determine how I do business.

I used to think that business savvy was a skill to be acquired, that if I read enough books and took enough classes I could master it.  There are certainly tools that can help support our success, but more and more I see, like everything else, business is about relationships - our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with our work.  My biggest challenge is getting past the inaccurate lens that I have come to see business through, that it's too overwhelming and scary and to stop telling myself "I'm just not good at it."

We are the stories that we believe about ourselves, but stories can always be re-written.