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neither here nor there

The well hasn't exactly been dry.  I have been painting a little, working on a big deadline that is almost complete (and coming along quite well, if I do say so myself), and pinning things here and there.  Otherwise, I've been in a relative quiet creative space coasting on more of an inward kind of energy.  So, I've only been peeking in here and there, napping a lot, and making forward progress on the things that are pressing.  There's another birthday celebration around the corner, a trip to Florida coming up, several work projects in progress, and unbelievably, preschool and 5th grade stuff to start thinking about.  Like I always say to my oldest son... time does not wait for you, so get crack-a-lackin!

I'm actually really excited to begin thinking about fall, though a little leery that it might be too early to start feeling that autumnal longing.  It is still July, after all.  But the signs are there, back-to-school stuff in all the stores (abeit way too early), reminders about fall activities are in my inbox, and the beach grass is just beginning to descend from its brightest green into waning shades of yellow you would only notice if you stared at it day after day.  Pretty soon the black ducks will be swimming in with the morning tides, a sure sign that it's nearing cooler weather.  

It's an in between time, not quite here nor there.

It's where I am too, getting ready and wrapping up, in the transition of many things.

I'm thinking about some classes I want to offer come the fall, more gatherings I want to hold space for in the new pockets of time that will be opening up with two in school some of the time, and I'm realizing now is the time to get those ducks in a row.  I still want to do a summer project with Owen - a fun little Wreck This Journal collaborative adventure thinking this will greatly appeal to his inner destructo.  There are two paintings I want to finish and an ecourse to wrap up, and the list goes on and on.  I look at my calendar and most of the days are full right up until the start of school and I'm wondering how it will all fit in.  Somehow it always does.