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august crush list

We attended our first  Mini Maker Faire  in Dover, NH last week, and it was a complete blast!  Art meets science all in the name of fun and creativity - the perfect combination, especially for my family.  The  World Maker Faire  is coming up later in September in NYC, and there other events all around the country.  If there is one near you, all I can say is go!  Where else can you make a hula hoop, build a catapult, and learn to pick locks? I've been wearing Liz and Kelly's  "Tell Your Story" temporary tattoos  all summer, and somehow I feel more present in my own creative self when I do.  People ask me questions about what it means, and one woman even asked me if I was a fortune teller!  I think more than anything it serves as a small reminder to show up for myself as I catch glimpses of it throughout each day.  Having it on the back of my hand is such a good placement, right there for me to see when I write, reach and create. I love love this new washi ta

new stuff!

The summer is when I start do a lot of my planning and visioning for the following year.  It's a fairly new practice, but so far the timing and energy feel perfectly open for dreaming into new possibilities and setting the stage for what's to come.  I always love that momentum that brings us into the fall, almost like starting a brand new year as we align with the beginning of school, time to buy fresh notebooks and get a new daily schedule squared away.  A great time for new beginnings. I am working on creating seasonal, juicy, one-day Wishstudio retreats here on the island, the first of which is taking place this fall with the fabulous Jen Lee on October 19th !  I have been sinking deeply into my home and community as of late to manifest artful community, and what's taking hold is nothing short magic.  These will be held in February, May, July and October of next year with everything I love, soulful workshops, nurturing creative community, gorgeous food, and wr

aug.25 {there's no place like home}

A few days ago I took my kids off on an adventure that was supposed to be one last fun summer hurrah. But about a little more than half way through, for a multitude of reasons, we had to unceremoniously abort the mission.  I thought to myself in that moment how so much of my life is like this, a kind of scratch-the-record and come to a grinding halt to throw things quickly into another gear, reality.  After so much practice I'd like to say that I can always do this with some level of grace, but I'd be lying.  Most of the time Plan B is the escape route, the eject button, that last second switch that changes tracks before hurdling head first into the oncoming.  It's a maneuver that feels most difficult to me in motherhood. There have surely been plenty of instances where things didn't go according to plan, but something about having one or two kids along for the disaster makes these desperate times feel much more daunting, a three car pileup of mixed emotions, disapp

happily ever after

This October, Alex and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary!  It's hard to believe.  A milestone for sure.  My mom and dad have graciously offered to take the boys so we can go on a mini get-away.  I think the last time we had a date was last winter when we went out for dim sum and saw a movie, and despite the mediocre film it was blissful just to have uninterrupted conversation and simply hold hands.  I vaguely remember the concept. So, New York City... here we come!  Ahhh, I love this city so.  A real romance unto it's own. I'm not exactly sure what we will do there.  Maybe catch some good indie music in some little dive-y bar, maybe see a show ( this one has me a bit intrigued and the wicked irony is not lost on me), walk around central park holding hands and kissing in the shadowy corners, eat good food for sure, hit a few tourist attractions maybe (I've never seen any in all my years visiting), shop for some goodies which we both love to do,

feel it to believe it

I tend to often get lost in my head... mental to-do lists, planning and organizing in the abstract, capturing ideas and inspiration on the fly, bits of writing that begin to narrate themselves in my mind all vying for space in my uber busy brain.  Huge chunks of time can go by where the only thing I am interacting with is my own internal dialogue, so physical practices are a must for my survival and sanity.  I sometimes forget this and want to check out by taking a really long nap, but even then my thoughts can still be churning.  Don't get me wrong, naps are often an important and beautiful thing, but a lot of the time I am so much better off getting into my body some way to relieve the weight of too much headiness and stress. Here's a few of my favorite ways to keep the energy flowing  as opposed to getting all jammed up in mental and spiritual gridlock, which is mainly where stress and disconnect stem from.  I am admittedly writing this list mostly as a big reminder to

july crush list

July was a month of extremes, hot and cold both literally and figuratively.  Either way, it seemed to have quickly disappeared like summer days do, melting into the late nighttime sunsets, and so so FULL.  Here's what made the list for this wild, mercurial month: The new trend of sweet wines is making me a very happy girl.  I've always loved Rose' even when it was just a lady drink of the 70's, and Rieslings, Gew├╝rztraminers and Ice Wines have always been a fave.   I'm not so crazy about the uber sweet Moscatos but I do love a little fruity goodness, and Barefoot has come out with a fun line of  Refresh  wines, light and bubbly that make both your purse and tummy happy! There was a ton of work stuff happening, art making, project ideas, collaborations brewing, gatherings and workshops being created, and more lines of possibility thrown out into the big wide world.  There has been a lot of fine tuning and alignment happening, and at the core of everything is

an unexpected summer tryst

I'm about to dash off to the airport to pick up my boys who were thrilled to stay a few extra days in Florida with family while I went home to host a workshop and dive into planning for fall.  I've been on a bit of an unexpected media break as I have also been fighting off a yucky summer cold and spending lots of quiet down time devouring the book Gone Girl, the first piece of fiction I've read in a really long time, and so so good in that dark, indulgent, and razor sharp-writing sort way.  So, I wanted to pop in lest you think I might be buried under a sandcastle somewhere here on the island.  I've merely been having a passionate summer tryst with my couch. Summers are always a bit unstructured and wacky for us with my husband off of work and the kids running a bit amok between vacations, late-nights and camp sprinkled in here and there.  There is not a lot of predictability which is perfectly wonderful for summer spontaneity, but I often forget the simplest of t