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august crush list

We attended our first Mini Maker Faire in Dover, NH last week, and it was a complete blast!  Art meets science all in the name of fun and creativity - the perfect combination, especially for my family.  The World Maker Faire is coming up later in September in NYC, and there other events all around the country.  If there is one near you, all I can say is go!  Where else can you make a hula hoop, build a catapult, and learn to pick locks?

I've been wearing Liz and Kelly's "Tell Your Story" temporary tattoos all summer, and somehow I feel more present in my own creative self when I do.  People ask me questions about what it means, and one woman even asked me if I was a fortune teller!  I think more than anything it serves as a small reminder to show up for myself as I catch glimpses of it throughout each day.  Having it on the back of my hand is such a good placement, right there for me to see when I write, reach and create.

I love love this new washi tape craze, so yes, it has made my list again!  Scotch (of course) has jumped on the bandwagon and come out with it's own new line of washi tape, along with other fun, decorative tapes that are just as pretty but more the texture of traditional cellophane and masking tape.  Washi has a thin, waxy feel and an extra stickiness that I love, yet it is still tearable and easy to use.   There are a gazillion ways to use it and you can add a decorative touch to just about anything.

So, this song (<--- link is explicit and not for kiddos!) has been in the mainstream and been stirring up a bit of controversy.  I've read a few of the opposing articles of feminist backlash that say this song is kind of rapey (like this parody of the video) muddling the line of consent, objectifying of women, and so on.  I see both sides.  It is sexually provocative like so much of our mainstream pop culture, but I'm not sure the overarching idea - that even good girls want to get a little nasty - is so bad.  Maybe it's not all that tasteful or sympathetic in it's delivery, but the tune is pretty catchy and I do like it.

Hampton Beach is a staple of summer around here, and on our last visit a couple of weeks ago, I found these gorgeous bohemian beach skirts (pictured above) at Beach Basics on the corner of Ocean Blvd and G Street in front of the Pelham Hotel.  They were only $10, and so so fun!

One huge hit of this summer with my boys was these Rocket Balloons.  Pump them up and let them go and they fly around wildly, making this crazy noise.  I have to admit, they are kinda cool.  Hours of outdoor merriment.  Seriously.

I love gifting these gorgeous and delicious cookies by Plum Island Cookie Co., and when I travel to visit family they are always what I bring as a housewarming treat.  They are the best butter cookies I've ever tasted, hands down.  My favorite is their signature Sand Dollar with pearl, wrapped up with pretty sugary "sand", but they make all kinds of shapes for all different seasons and occasions and even do custom colors and themes for events and weddings.  A sweet local favorite.