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happily ever after

This October, Alex and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary!  It's hard to believe.  A milestone for sure.  My mom and dad have graciously offered to take the boys so we can go on a mini get-away.  I think the last time we had a date was last winter when we went out for dim sum and saw a movie, and despite the mediocre film it was blissful just to have uninterrupted conversation and simply hold hands.  I vaguely remember the concept.

So, New York City... here we come!  Ahhh, I love this city so.  A real romance unto it's own.

I'm not exactly sure what we will do there.  Maybe catch some good indie music in some little dive-y bar, maybe see a show (this one has me a bit intrigued and the wicked irony is not lost on me), walk around central park holding hands and kissing in the shadowy corners, eat good food for sure, hit a few tourist attractions maybe (I've never seen any in all my years visiting), shop for some goodies which we both love to do, or just catch up on sleep without a little body between us, or not sleep at all!  The possibilities are endless.

We did decide that while we are there we want to get anniversary tattoos - a word written lengthwise on each of our wedding ring fingers in lieu of our traditional rings.  It will be a unique and meaningful "just us" sentiment without being too Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee biker wedding-ish.   I think that even the experience will become one of those shared moments and memories that will hold us together and endure over time.  And what if beyond all odds we get divorced, you ask (because we did ask the same question, of course)?  The fact is, we wouldn't consider something like this if we were at all in doubt of our commitment and love.  We have overcome so many epic challenges in our marriage and always have come out stronger on the other side.  There is much more to say about this, how we have learned to trust, communicate and understand each other so completely, and I will probably write about it closer to our milestone day.

There is also the fact that we've turned into that couple who never wears their wedding bands for one reason or another.  For a while I was thinking about getting new rings to resonate more with our now, because times and tastes change.  I went from wearing my traditional engagement ring and simple wedding band to wearing a silver posy ring that Alex had given me one year as a gift, to most of the time wearing nothing at all.  He's done the same kind of shifting around and going naked at times as well. This idea is as practical as it is romantic, and I love that I won't ever have to worry about losing it!

So plans are being made, and the search for just the right word and tattoo artist is on!  I can't wait to see how it all comes to be.