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july crush list

July was a month of extremes, hot and cold both literally and figuratively.  Either way, it seemed to have quickly disappeared like summer days do, melting into the late nighttime sunsets, and so so FULL.  Here's what made the list for this wild, mercurial month:

The new trend of sweet wines is making me a very happy girl.  I've always loved Rose' even when it was just a lady drink of the 70's, and Rieslings, Gew├╝rztraminers and Ice Wines have always been a fave.   I'm not so crazy about the uber sweet Moscatos but I do love a little fruity goodness, and Barefoot has come out with a fun line of Refresh wines, light and bubbly that make both your purse and tummy happy!

There was a ton of work stuff happening, art making, project ideas, collaborations brewing, gatherings and workshops being created, and more lines of possibility thrown out into the big wide world.  There has been a lot of fine tuning and alignment happening, and at the core of everything is this new notion of alchemy that's been showing up in my life has been helping me to further define my art and work.  This one little word is shifting my world big time.

Yes, I finally made the plunge into Pinterest and I dare say that it was love at first pin.  My favorite social media these days are definitely photo driven and highly visual, so this appeals to that juiciness for sure!  There's just so much, like wow.  What took me so long?

Since having been spritzed with this yummy elixir at last spring's Squam (by the lovely Thea Coughlin), I am madly in love with this flowery and romantic scent.  Lotus Wei's Infinite Love is the perfect synergistic ingredient and flower alchemy for my creative life.  As someone who is very sensitive to smells and not a lover of perfume in general, this is one I have been wearing and loving - so dreamy and feminine and light!

The hot weather and abundance of fresh produce has inspired us to be juicing again, so the handy-dandy juicer has been mixing us up some crazy and delicious concoctions.  The kids love taking it for a spin and seeing what colors and flavors they can cook up as well.  Note: orange peels are yucky, ginger is spicier that you might expect, and cucumber is refreshing and great with anything!

To publish my first zine I am working with MagCloud, a magazine self publishing platform that I stumbled upon last spring which was the final piece of the puzzle to help me realize this long held dream.  Such a gift to have this little self-publishing superpower in my back pocket!  There are lots of beautiful and cool indie mags you should totally go check out on their site that you can get in print and digital versions.  I can't wait to get my first freshly pressed print run!

Water play and "potion making" is at the center of our world these days, and these color tabs and water gel beads are awesome fun in the kid's water table and bath with endless imaginary possibilities!  Both are clean to use, and the gel beads are a crazy-cool tactile experience as well as earth friendly and great to keep your plants hydrated too.  I even love playing with this stuff... shhh, don't tell the boys.

I've been playing a lot with masking techniques in my paintings lately using handmade cutouts, patterned stencils and doilies galore, and I am loving the sharp, graphic lines that it creates.  On the list to try is also painters tape to create a cool chevron and other fun geometric patterns, and masking fluid which has endless possibilities.  It's a great way to add unique and interesting layers to art!