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i see things

little cottage filled with big possibility...stay tuned!

Yesterday I stopped by a quiet little quilt shop in my neighborhood.  I have always wanted to pop in, but it's the kind of place that often looks like it might be closed, not urgently inviting but curious.  When it has been open and it again crosses my mind to go take a peek, I'm always zooming by on my way from one place to another.  But yesterday, between errands and pre-school pick up I had a moment to stop by, and lo and behold... a little folk art haven!  When I stumble upon the little gems like this, there is a part of me that is always so giddy and wants to climb over the counter to hug the shop girl and thank her for another creative space I can stretch out and explore, another corner of creative landscape to add to my own map.

And so it got me thinking about the many kinds of spaces and places that make me feel like this, this potential for creative community.  There really are so many - the cafe with art on the walls, the yarn store and their knitting circles, the gift boutique with an empty loft, the healing arts coop with rooms to share, the funky antiques market, the yoga studio, and so on - all places that inspire gathering and creative wanderlust.  Yum.  It's a kind of radar I seem to deeply tune in to, a core sensor for waves of connection and the possibility of making things happen.

It's funny to see myself gravitate to so many different things, and at times it has even been a bit confusing.  I am such a chameleon that I can totally see myself settling in to one place or another, labeling myself as a yogi or knitter or a whatever, and being quite content for a good long while in one particular community.  So I had to stop and really think about why I was so excited to find this store because I am really neither a folk artist or a quilter.

As it turns out, it is the creative aspect that lights my fire every. single. time.  Any place that has room for new collaborations and sparks creative juiciness is my kind of place!  And really, that is just about anywhere if you begin to look at the world that way, which just happens to be in my primary wiring.  I see the potential of all I could do and the people I could meet and the happiness that could be had in these places!  Who knows?  Maybe someday I will take a quilting class (or even host my own!).  Really, I just love knowing that the possibility is out there.