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the Lady of the Lake

Maybe it's the light, the way it hits the water and sparkles like Mother Nature decided to sprinkle glitter all over one of her best works of art elevating it from simply dreamy to absolutely sublime.  It's the grande stage that is set for imagination, inspiration, kinship, and transformation.  Each time I travel there I feel even more deeply embraced by the paths that are now becoming more and more familiar, by the lake that is like a love note from the universe, by the women who come to share with all that they are and all that they have, and by my own truest self who is wildly awake and seamlessly woven into the tapestry of twinkle lights and heart-centered intentions.

Here, I am fully alive and present.  The Lady of the Lake works her magic.

This time at Squam, hours away from where I live, I dug deeply into the notion of Home mapping memories on paper back through childhood, from the cocoon that was my pink and green bedroom, to the little sanctuary of our yard and woods where I used to find so much comfort and inspiration and where I'd often "run away" to during times when I really needed to be found, on through the jumble of addresses that comprised years of growing up and finding my way, and on to the place that I am realizing more and more truly is my sanctuary.  

I realized I have come full circle.

Even though it was a revelation of sorts, the lesson brought along with it some unsettling emotions and fears of becoming uprooted from a place I have been so careful to not fall too deeply in love with.  It's too late now, I realize.  This is where I belong, where my family belongs.

Julia was an amazing teacher who had so much richness, enthusiasm and wisdom to share.  I'm so grateful to have been able to spend the day with her along with the many other extraordinary women who also were journeying through the deep layers and meaning of home.  There was so much that surfaced for all of us, shared in a safe space of deep knowing and tearful unwinding.  It's the kind of thing that always happens at Squam and brings us closer to each other and ultimately closer to ourselves.

Amidst the beauty and the discovery, there were new friendships made with women who's badassery made me both laugh out loud and want to hug them forever, and then old friends too who rekindle the soul fire every time we sit together no matter where we are, but is always special by the lake.  So much gratitude for these connections.

For me, this time is always precious and energizing and I leave feeling lighter, another layer shed and left to fall deeply into the earth to nourish yet another season of life and love.  I've come to this place by carving my own path (as always, so it seems) with passion and heart,  giving what I can to receive the gifts in return, my inner compass guiding my way.  Squam is not just a place to me, it has been a doorway, one that I always knew I would walk through but just not in the way I expected.  

Silly me.

This doorway has led me to new amazing and unexpected alchemy, and pretty soon I'll be able to share it with you!  "You Are Home" is the beckoning... Yes.  In every way I realize I am home.  Here, there, and in the expanse of my very own life.



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