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the septembers

Septembers bring change and a big upsweep of energy.  Always.  It is easily one of my favorite months out of the year.  Though like my little guy, who says "They're all my favorite!" of everything from colors to ice cream flavors to t-shirts, every month is my favorite for one reason or another and I suppose I could wax poetic about the charm of each celestial turn.  But if you asked me which month I could live eternally, over and over again, it would undoubtedly be September.  It's when I feel both the most grounded and the most possibility.  Even more so than January.

Hello, lover.

The ninth month just has it's own momentum and it feels kind of like coasting down a big hill on your bicycle, streamers flying, wind in the hair, and all you have to do is smile and try to maintain your balance while embracing the wild ride.  It's life with a plan and a shiny new container to put all your stuff in... a new grade, a new schedule, a new blank notebook, a new rhythm.

Changes this month; a little one off to preschool, soccer for the wee man with Coach dad in tow, school choir (a season of real life Glee? lol!), 5th grade which I'm sensing will be a tough and pivotal year, a new Admin Asst. for Alex, and a brand new schedule for me with 3 open mornings per week which I plan to fill with work projects and gatherings, art making, and self care practices I've been putting off "until I have more time".

That time is coming.

With the new moon this Thursday and the equinox coming right along behind it, I plan to take full advantage of the energetic shift and embrace the cooler weather, be with my peeps, create some magic, and get this family off and running onto what will hopefully be, overall, a smooth-sailing year with a few new rules and routines like no screen time in the morning (we'll see how that one goes!), organizing a homework area to minimize lost papers and library books, and creating a big calendar for all to check in with.

We are charting the course into a new year where adventures, triumphs and challenges are bound to be around every corner.  Thank you September, for giving us a good running start.