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welcome to the show

"The Art of Possibility" - my next read

My days are so full of overlapping beginnings and endings... new projects and collaborations, old loose ends to weave in, beautiful possibilities to follow like breadcrumbs into the unknown, and so many "I"s to dot and "T"s to remember to cross along the way.  It's always a wild mix of hard work, dreamy excitement, and raw fear, letting go of one trapeze in order to catch the next.

The zines finally came in all wrapped up in a beautiful shiny bow and were sent out into the waiting hands of sweet souls as far away as Isreal and Australia (!!!) making my heart explode with so much gratitude, and the next issue already beginning to take shape behind the scenes.  I've picked up a bit of knitting I began last summer in hopes to finish the pretty scarf in time for the cold months ahead, reminding me of friends who's fingers flew across tantalizing fibers with such voracity I had to try again.  I was invited to two shows for later this season, one art fair, and one gallery show (eep!), both a thrilling step forward. And then there is the burlesque show I am helping with too, keeping things real and oh, so interesting. There are gatherings, gatherings, gatherings...the manifestations of so much dreaming and doing... here in my home, around my local neighborhood, and by the sea, with magic in every moment.

It all just kind of happens - the alchemy of wishing, doing, connecting, and persevering - all in one mad jumble.  It's the only way I know how to live.  Small seeds.  Big leaps.  Practiced belief.  A daring heart. LOVE.  And the resilience to pick up the pieces and begin again.  And it all happens on one grand stage, not really on one narrow and tidy path.  There are so many juicy plots and sub-plots, interesting characters and inspiring heroins, gorgeous settings and crazy costumes.  Throw in two small boys and one big one, and we've got a serious spectacle.

What a show!  You really have to see it to believe it.