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because, let's face it, i got a D in calculus

So, the morning routine has settled into its new rhythm, sans computer and ipad usage, despite the longing-filled pleas I get every now and then from one little boy or another or the urgent tug I feel in my own itchy fingers those mornings when I wake up with a fresh batch of words to share.  But I have learned to either get up extra early, before my kids, or wait and be patient so I can focus just on them during the 7 to 8am hour.  It really is a very small sacrifice for the greater good of all.  No video game distractions.  No writing or emails competing for the teensy bit of before-school time that we have, and the kids actually sleep better without waking up in the wee early hours to get their minecraft fix, which was beginning to become and issue. In the little pockets of extra time the dishes get put away, cards get written, the necessary papers get organized and filled out, and the gratitude journal rises to the top of my morning to-dos along with lunch making, which now I

dreams and cheerleaders: can't have one without the other

I find myself appreciating more and more that my family is always one another's cheerleaders.  Knowing that there is a built in cheering section waiting in the wings or sitting in the audience on any given day, in many ways that feels like a huge victory in and of itself.  On big event days, when Alex is running a race, when I am hosting a workshop or attending a show, when my oldest is giving his all at a performance, or when the little one is running around with his sports teams, is when the spirit of this togetherness and support really feels like an incredible blessing. The surprising part is though, that the blessing doesn't just come from rooting each other on (although that is powerful juju for sure), but there is as much importance in the way we all have goals and dreams to cheer for.  It's not about winning or even success, it's more about showing up in daring and exciting ways, going after those experiences in the face of challenges that also push us to

i somehow always envisioned the henna

the lovely Elizabeth Duvuvier and Flora Bowley Sometimes life sends you a memo, that you are on the right path, at completely unexpected times.  This is what happened yesterday and the memo read something like this: Dear Mindy, Remember that time almost 10 years ago when your first idea for Wishstudio came to you long before the internet craze and before you started blogging, and you opened your studio space with nothing more than a passionate, deeply rooted vision for creative community?  Remember how one of your first ideas was to create a gathering with women circling in a beautifully lit room, sitting with the artful ritual of henna in the celebratory spirit of love and life?  Remember how then, even you did not fully understand these longings or how they might fit into your creative world or how they might fit into the live's of others?  Remember those puzzled looks when you tried to explain the essence of what you were trying to unearth and create, this togetherness

it's not because we are broken

In fact, it's quite the opposite. Life is intricate, imperfect, complex and compelling, tender and raw in some places yet brilliant and beautiful in others.  There isn't one way to categorize our everyday experiences or any predictable way to measure the future.  There is only Me, in each moment, stretching and swirling and changing constantly trying to expand and flow with what each new day brings.   And so healing doesn't happen because we are broken, it's more like a revelation, a deep necessary reminder that we stumble upon when given the chance, that we are perfect just as we are.  It happens when we are simply able to arrive as ourselves in any given moment - joyful, hurting, alive, overwhelmed, nervous, hopeful - and be received and accepted with fierce love and wild kindness This is what these retreats are for. Walking into my own vulnerability to offer who I am to a circle of other awe-inspiring, dynamic, and whole-hearted women, and being seen mend

it was all that and a bag of kale chips

Wishful Living photo gift tag set, new in the shop It has been a jam packed week getting ready for The Alchemy of Everyday Stories , and surprisingly I am handling it pretty well and also getting tons of stuff done.  Let's just say that the full moon + the hormonal downswing (a.k.a. pms) + intense situations can amount to less than desirable effects.  Three things have been keeping me happy and sane:   one... the support of my husband and kids.  They know I am on work duty for the week and have been ultra accommodating and supportive.  I have somehow been managing to put a home cooked meal in front of them every night as my token of love and gratitude, so that makes me feel good, but the ship runs smoothly (do I dare say even better sometimes with out me?) and this a a total gift.   two... lists, lists and more lists, and a game plan.  I created a week plan for the days leading up to the retreat in order to stay organized and get everything done in time.  They are

this is why i make art

This is the story of how a photo of one of my paintings on Instagram turned into a magical creative connection, and is exactly the reason why I love making art.  You never know how something you create will touch another person... Erin:   Hi Mindy! I'm Erin (Spenge on Instagram).  I'd love to hear more about your fabulous "it's time to let go" painting!! It is just so beautiful. I'm in a "I need to let it go" place in life--- I'm considering leaving my job and moving out of state for a new adventure. But it is scary! I'm trying to remember I have brave wings. :-)  Would you mind telling me about your painting, what inspired you to create it. Thanks so much! Mindy:  Erin!  First of all, I want to thank you so much for reaching out. When my work resonates with even just one person, that means so so much to me. Truly. This painting literally flowed right out of me on the first day I sent my littlest one off to school, a necessary she

magic wings and the village people

I should be used to it by now, that so many experiences in my life feel so poignant and important.  That these feelings then mix and swirl and tumble through my inner narrative until they are combined into a beautiful new shade of life, like paint ever changing with every new drop of color. The bat mitzvah was like that... an infusion of a brand new hue or like seeing things for the first time through a familiar, but different filter.  I saw my oldest son dance for the pure joy of it, in a crush of tweens and teens all blissed out on life and happiness and togetherness, and the powerful memory of what that felt like came rushing back at me.  As a mom, it felt like excitement for all the possibility that these kids have in front of them, and such admiration for the individual people that each of them is becoming.  Teenagers are inspiring.  True story. And then I also remembered how as a teenager it felt scary and seductive and so so BIG, the world opening up wildly and with such

here's to the crazy ones...

I'm the crazy aunt who sleeps out on the sidewalk for tickets to a special show.  I am the odd girl at the soccer field knitting a turquoise scarf, and the mom who wears brightly colored handmade clothes with layers of beads and bangles up her arm.  I'm a dreamer with wild ideas and always up to something, a barefoot bohemian, and an artist who always has paint on her fingers and often on her shirts as well.  I don't ever seem to quite fit in, unless it's deep in the community that I have searched so hard to find and create.  I'm a wide-eyed optimist, a hopeless romantic, and believe in fairies and magic.  Twinkle lights are non-negotialble, and I'm not afraid to use an excess of glitter or wishes.  I hope to always live in the moment and still capture it all with my camera.  I will hug you the first time we meet, and I will invite you over for coffee and creating so I can cheer on your heart's biggest desires.  My faith is gratitude, creativity and love.

can your pussy do the dog

About the weekend:   It was utterly blissful.  Truly.  And we have had our fair share of celebratory snafus including one "romantic" Valentine's Day dinner that will be immortalized by a horribly epic and traumatic fight over expensive steak au poivre and probably too many dirty martinis. The weather turned out to be beautiful, our room at the inn was upgraded to a fancy suite with a cozy fireplace, we ate the most  incredible  food , we wandered unabashedly drunk on joy and love from one hour to the next and kissed in the streets like newlyweds. We started off the weekend by  getting our tattoos  and the experience was like being dropped into a  Kevin Smith  movie complete with wacky living caricatures (the artists and the clientele), an entertaining backdrop of pithy dialogue and foul language, and all the bright and cool artwork on the studio walls topped off by  Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World  playing on the flatscreen.  I'd like to say it was all romantic and s

making room for a little T&A

This time of year, it's becoming the tradition that I am not only focused on abundance and my deep gratitude therein, but tis the season I am also musing playfully on the amplitude of my sass - not to be mistaken for the magnitude of my ass, but I guess there is a little of that too. It's burlesque season.   Time for sparkly headpieces, feathery boas, and skimpy little bits of this and that, to the tunes of Tchaikovsky and Mike Doughty .  But it's more than that.  It is about making space in my life for a playful sexiness that is often elusive.  In this creative community there is often talk about the softer side of  sensuality, passion, and desire, but we rarely talk about nuts and bolts and the nitty gritty of S.E.X.  I get it.  It's a leap for many people to go there and a topic that is riddled with pressure points and triggers that tends to keep the subject from really rising to the surface, but I find myself wanting to keep trying to go there.  In the und

living proof

I put my total trust out to the universe on this one .  No attachment to the outcome, only loving faith that it would all come together as it should.  And it did.  A soulful circle has been born.  So this is the lesson over and over again... You have to ask for what you want. You have to ask for what you want. You have to be daring enough to  ask for what you want, in order to receive it... say it out loud, even if only to yourself.  AND you have to be ready to receive it. I think with a lot of my creative living wishes they are often so easy to conceive of, but a lot of the time I am just honestly not ready to go there.  The tricky part is that I'll think that I am ready, so the longing then becomes a kind of trick.  One that could lead me into thinking I might never get where I want to go, that things are impossible.  When I can say it out loud, to myself and especially to others, this is a sure sign of readiness.  It will never  not be scary, in fact, the closer it

september crush list

September is always a flurry of activity and an upswing of new energy... new routines, new places and new beginnings.  This past month was no different.  Amidst all the coming and going it also is such a beautiful time of year for outdoor exploring and the weather has been absolutely glorious, so a few of my favorite wanderings make the list this month. This time of year it is all about the apples... apple picking, apple pie, apple cider donuts, apple crisp.  Yum.   Cider Hill Farm  is our favorite place to go get our apple fix, and you can also feed the chickens and goats, take a hayride, shop at their bakery and farm stand, and pick other fruits in season.  There is also a CSA you can join, which I would love to try someday. I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of Ruby Star Wrapping , a book by Melody Miller and Allison Tannery, and I absolutely adore it.  Perfectly timed as I begin to think about holiday projects to make, and perfectly attuned to my love with gorgeous pac