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because, let's face it, i got a D in calculus

So, the morning routine has settled into its new rhythm, sans computer and ipad usage, despite the longing-filled pleas I get every now and then from one little boy or another or the urgent tug I feel in my own itchy fingers those mornings when I wake up with a fresh batch of words to share.  But I have learned to either get up extra early, before my kids, or wait and be patient so I can focus just on them during the 7 to 8am hour.  It really is a very small sacrifice for the greater good of all.  No video game distractions.  No writing or emails competing for the teensy bit of before-school time that we have, and the kids actually sleep better without waking up in the wee early hours to get their minecraft fix, which was beginning to become and issue.

In the little pockets of extra time the dishes get put away, cards get written, the necessary papers get organized and filled out, and the gratitude journal rises to the top of my morning to-dos along with lunch making, which now I almost enjoy since it's no longer seen as an intrusion on my writing time.  Hello, perspective.  It's so simple, yet revolutionary.

Don't get me wrong, it's a daily commitment and truthfully I have been tempted to break my own rule every now and then in those moments when I am yearning to escape into my inspiring creative world amidst the mundane chaos, but I have resisted the temptation.

Stay present.  Feed the harmony, not the discord.

This notion of escaping into work is always one I try to stay mindful of.  It certainly is something I struggle with every now and then.  That's the downside of loving my job so much, and so I try to repay this blessing with gratitude and good intentions and work in a way that isn't at the expense of other important parts of my life.  I hate the word balance, as this notion implies there is perfection to achieve, but harmony is really what I strive for - a life that hums at a peaceful and expansive vibration on a day to day basis.  More harmony in my life = more happiness, which also creates this feeling of more spaciousness, I am finding.  This doesn't mean that I am not often multitasking (I am, for sure), but it means that I am choosing more carefully which balls to throw into the mix and learning to accept what my limitations are, both my own as well as the ones that dictate the parameters of my life.  Thank goodness this formula is not as complicated as calculus and it's only as complicated as I choose to make it.


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