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dreams and cheerleaders: can't have one without the other

I find myself appreciating more and more that my family is always one another's cheerleaders.  Knowing that there is a built in cheering section waiting in the wings or sitting in the audience on any given day, in many ways that feels like a huge victory in and of itself.  On big event days, when Alex is running a race, when I am hosting a workshop or attending a show, when my oldest is giving his all at a performance, or when the little one is running around with his sports teams, is when the spirit of this togetherness and support really feels like an incredible blessing.

The surprising part is though, that the blessing doesn't just come from rooting each other on (although that is powerful juju for sure), but there is as much importance in the way we all have goals and dreams to cheer for.  It's not about winning or even success, it's more about showing up in daring and exciting ways, going after those experiences in the face of challenges that also push us to grow in unexpected directions.

Stepping up to the starting line or into the spotlight is half of the equation.

What I love is that the kids really understand this from both perspectives.  They get to literally cheer for mom and dad on many occasions, and I think that experience is really empowering for them because it truly makes a difference for us as well!  They get it, because they know what it is like when we cheer for them - that unconditional, thrilling, joyful buoyancy it creates - and ultimately the boys can see this support as the gift that it is because it is a gift they too need to receive every now and then.

I feel the importance of this lesson as a parent so acutely, and how it might not be enough to just tell my kids to be brave with their lives, that they can be whatever they want in life, without seeing that truth in action.

Have goals.  Dream big.  Be daring.  And we are there for each other, no matter what.  We can't do it all alone.

So even in the wee hours of the morning when it's freezing cold and there is sleepiness and reluctance to get out of a warm bed, this family rallies around one another.  One persons daring moment becomes a moment for all of us to celebrate and gather excitement from, and I am learning this is truly where the gold is.