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i somehow always envisioned the henna

the lovely Elizabeth Duvuvier and Flora Bowley

Sometimes life sends you a memo, that you are on the right path, at completely unexpected times.  This is what happened yesterday and the memo read something like this:

Dear Mindy,

Remember that time almost 10 years ago when your first idea for Wishstudio came to you long before the internet craze and before you started blogging, and you opened your studio space with nothing more than a passionate, deeply rooted vision for creative community?  Remember how one of your first ideas was to create a gathering with women circling in a beautifully lit room, sitting with the artful ritual of henna in the celebratory spirit of love and life?  Remember how then, even you did not fully understand these longings or how they might fit into your creative world or how they might fit into the live's of others?  Remember those puzzled looks when you tried to explain the essence of what you were trying to unearth and create, this togetherness and kinship around one another's creative work and joy?  

Aren't you glad you never gave up this vision?  You knew back then that this circle would be important, and here it has come to be, and will be again I am certain.  The henna is the celebratory ritual.  The gathering is the magic of these women who are drawn to your circle.  The memories and connections and possibilities are what you have always have been seeking to create, and you are.  

Now is the time.

Never lose faith in your dreams, for they often take a decade to manifest in just the right way and at just the right moment.  You have done your job well staying true to your course, and so this is merely another beautiful beginning, meant to be.

Blessed Be,
The Universe

Or something like that.

And, truly, what a beautiful gift the day was complete with the serendipitous and unexpected moment of meeting Flora, one of my total art crushes! Just another magical wave of the cosmic wand telling me I am right where I need to be.

*  The henna story and photo shoot with Elizabeth and Flora will be in the next issue (winter 2014) of Glitter & Grunge, which you can pre-order soon.  Thank you to the lovely and talented artist, Heather, for sharing her gorgeous space and spirit with the three of us!

AND there will be more henna-magic circles to come!