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it was all that and a bag of kale chips

Wishful Living photo gift tag set, new in the shop

It has been a jam packed week getting ready for The Alchemy of Everyday Stories, and surprisingly I am handling it pretty well and also getting tons of stuff done.  Let's just say that the full moon + the hormonal downswing (a.k.a. pms) + intense situations can amount to less than desirable effects.  Three things have been keeping me happy and sane:  

one... the support of my husband and kids.  They know I am on work duty for the week and have been ultra accommodating and supportive.  I have somehow been managing to put a home cooked meal in front of them every night as my token of love and gratitude, so that makes me feel good, but the ship runs smoothly (do I dare say even better sometimes with out me?) and this a a total gift.  

two... lists, lists and more lists, and a game plan.  I created a week plan for the days leading up to the retreat in order to stay organized and get everything done in time.  They are long and complex but I have been managing to stick to them, diligently crossing things off even with time to spare (hence the homemade dinners).  I've had time to also make some new goodies for the shop even, these sweet little gift tags in time for all the holiday wrapping to come!  

and three... self care.  I guess the gift tag making could fall into the category of self care, as making them was as much a labor of love as it was a brain break from all the heady to-do's, but what I really planned with intention was the meeting I had last night - something completely unrelated to the event and a bit for me.  I knew since the energy was heading in the direction of my off week (which, now I track on my main calendar so I can plan accordingly and my husband can be in the know), I needed something in place to diffuse the stress and help me manage the rioting hormones.  Hello, reiki.  Yes, I had my first experience with reiki thanks to my lovely and gracious practitioner who let me have a little trial session for free!  It was so lovely... fascinating... relaxing... hard to describe if you've never done it before.

I am someone who is very sensitive to other people's energy and I am also interested in learning more about how these energy dynamics work, so I thought reiki would be a good fit for me.  Even though I only had a twenty minute session, I am totally on board and excited to explore more!  The other interesting part about our meeting last night, was that I am applying to become part of this small cooperative, personal growth practice.  It is a center for all things empowering, healing, holistic, energy-related, and generative, and I am hoping to add my own brand of magic leading small circles and maybe one-on-one sessions with those who are interested in diving deeper into creativity as a practice and tool for living more fully and intentionally.  

I never really saw myself as a healing-arts practitioner, but the more and more I muse on it I realize it is very much what I love to create with my work... that feeling of wellness and abundance.  I am less inspired by the goal-getting and strategies of business-speak, and more attuned to modalities that are more therapeutic in nature.  That has always been in my way.  Part of it too is that the word "healing" often is prejudiced and less desirable and respected than other practices more concrete and educationally/western-focused.  Be that as it may, I have more woo-woo (and I use that term lovingly and with the utmost respect) in me now than I once did.  Part of it is that I am so much better tuned into my own vibration and can now contextualize this energy for myself wherever I am and whoever I am with, but I also think that some of it might have to do with the fact that the pendulum is swinging the other way and what was previously misunderstood by most people is now becoming more common and even needed.  I am not jumping on the bandwagon, I am just looking at what I already do and offer in my creative life through this different lens and there does seem to be some juice there to explore.  

So all this to say, I'm not sure where this is all going, but I do know that after leaving last night I felt so incredibly at ease, so much less frenetic and calm, the ache in my side was gone and I slept like a baby. Self care and new horizons, all wrapped into one.

Damn, it was good.