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september crush list

September is always a flurry of activity and an upswing of new energy... new routines, new places and new beginnings.  This past month was no different.  Amidst all the coming and going it also is such a beautiful time of year for outdoor exploring and the weather has been absolutely glorious, so a few of my favorite wanderings make the list this month.

This time of year it is all about the apples... apple picking, apple pie, apple cider donuts, apple crisp.  Yum.  Cider Hill Farm is our favorite place to go get our apple fix, and you can also feed the chickens and goats, take a hayride, shop at their bakery and farm stand, and pick other fruits in season.  There is also a CSA you can join, which I would love to try someday.

I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of Ruby Star Wrapping, a book by Melody Miller and Allison Tannery, and I absolutely adore it.  Perfectly timed as I begin to think about holiday projects to make, and perfectly attuned to my love with gorgeous packaging!  There are so many great ideas how to wrap up a gift and make it extra special - a gift inside a gift - such a beautiful concept and great for thoughtful destashing as well.

The Vintage Bazaar is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon alone or with the family.  It's the second time I have attended with my boys in tow, and the gorgeous handmade wares and beautifully curated antique offerings are all so inspiring and fun to look at.  We even did a little early Christmas shopping with so many unique items to peruse, and we might have polished off an entire bag of kettle corn while we wandered.  Possibly.  The shows are twice a year in June and September, so keep an eye out next year!

Who knew that in September is National Public Lands Day, which happened to be on the 28th this year, where access to public parks, fisheries and wildlife areas is free!  I happened to be going to the sanctuary on the island for a little show and tell, and lo and behold.  There are other days during the year where national park fees are waved, so check out the site to plan your visit!

The farmer's markets are bursting at the seems this time of year, and one of our favorite Sunday morning things to do is wander around the local mart and taste our way from one booth to the next.  Seckel pears, little pickle cucumbers, spinach scones, freshly smashed guacamole, maple candy... it's a feast for the eyes and stomach.  Our favorite regular purchase at our local market is Red Gravy, a pasta sauce par excellence!  The kids like the $3 supermarket kind, but my husband and I flip over the really good stuff.

I generally don't like to spend a lot of time fluffing and buffing.  I usually get ready and can get out the door in under 10 minutes.  When I want a little extra something colorful and fun, I will paint my nails on the fly (and by on the fly I mean right before I walk out the door, as I rarely think to plan ahead for this last minute embellishment), so Maybelline Express Finish nail polish that dries in under a minute is perfect!  It really works and doesn't get all clumpy the way a lot of fast drying polishes do.  You will need a little more time to cure and harden, but it's set enough to paint on and grab your keys (carefully) and go.  Best of all, lots of fun colors to choose from!