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this is why i make art

This is the story of how a photo of one of my paintings on Instagram turned into a magical creative connection, and is exactly the reason why I love making art.  You never know how something you create will touch another person...

Erin:  Hi Mindy! I'm Erin (Spenge on Instagram).  I'd love to hear more about your fabulous "it's time to let go" painting!! It is just so beautiful. I'm in a "I need to let it go" place in life--- I'm considering leaving my job and moving out of state for a new adventure. But it is scary! I'm trying to remember I have brave wings. :-)  Would you mind telling me about your painting, what inspired you to create it. Thanks so much!

Mindy:  Erin!  First of all, I want to thank you so much for reaching out. When my work resonates with even just one person, that means so so much to me. Truly. This painting literally flowed right out of me on the first day I sent my littlest one off to school, a necessary shedding of different emotions. Some paintings come to me and take weeks to manifest. This one was pure heart energy... I began painting because I just needed to feel my way through this letting go, and it came to be in a completely organic way all in the space of this one day. It's special. It has power. I feel it.

It sounds like you are at a crossroads too! How exciting! How terrifying. But just like this painting, you don't know the beauty of the end result until you simply let the energy take you where you are needing to go, and have faith that it will all be okay. Because it will - for you too!!!

Erin:  I loved hearing your story & reading about it on the blog, too. Thank you for sharing. I love that you painted it out of such emotion, and that it was such a release for you. Creativity has such power. I keep thinking about this painting & keep looking at it, reminding myself to let go. I have a really hard time letting go and trusting that a greater spirit/universe/something will move and guide... And that everything will be ok!

I am in the process of leaving the town I've been living in for 11 years, leaving my job (a suuuuuuper stressful job, yuck), leaving my friends, and leaving my church (a quirky little church that I pastor on weekends)......all to move to Maine to be with my fella. We will be getting engaged soon, but in the meantime, living so far away from each other just doesn't work. I feel excited!! BUT!--really scared to step out, to leave a job with benefits (am I crazy to do this?!), to leave my home.....and move to a place where I don't know anyone and won't have a job for a bit. But it is time to let go and let brave wings fly. Trust, trust, trust. And deep breaths.

Mindy:  What an exciting time for you, and I can totally understand why there is hesitation to take this next big leap! I have learned that all you need to know is the very next step and once you've taken that one, the next one will become clearer - trust, yes!... and little baby steps along the way... are just the right amount of momentum to get you where you need to go. The painting is ready and waiting for you! I am so happy to share its energy with you.

Erin:  Girl, you are the sweetest. Thank you for the encouragement! I am remembering to trust--baby steps.  I am so excited to give your painting a home. I can't wait to let it and your energy speak to me. Thank you so much, Mindy!

Thank YOU, Erin, for letting me share this story and for letting my art be a part of your exciting and brave journey!