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love pie: letter to my husband on his coming out

Dear Alex,

I want you to know on this momentous occasion - your official coming out - I have such incredible admiration and love for who you are.  This conversation that you and I really began in earnest almost 4 years ago, about your bisexuality, has been one of such deep trust, complexity and honesty, that it has forever changed the person I am for the better, as well.  The more and more you embrace the person you truly are, the more complete our love seems to become, and I am infinitely grateful for this raw and soulful connection that we seem to have on so many levels.

I think the hardest thing to do in life is to heal ourselves and grow into our own wholeness, and I am in awe of your brave spirit, your prevailing optimism, and your capacity for fierce self-knowledge and most of all, your ability to act on this wisdom even in the face of huge challenges.  You always find your way and by doing so, light my way as well.

It is an absolute gift to be able to share this journey and discovery together with you.  I love you and celebrate you, yes... to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.

Happy Coming Out!  You're the only person I'd bake pumpkin pie for, as I'd rather eat a slice of Athen's mudpie instead ;)  Hope it was yummy.

All My Love,