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october crush list

Oh, October... you swept us off our feet and piled on the fun!  The month was overflowing with sublime weather, loads of adventures, tons of creative time and togetherness, and so much LOVE & HAPPINESS!  There was also an ease in the fullness and so many little serendipities that made the moments memorable and chalk full of just-rightness.  It was juicy living in action, for sure, and I am grateful for every single second.

While it's been 99% sunshine, the weather has begun to turn colder.  I broke down and turned the heat on when it dipped into the 30's a few times and we have been begun the evening ritual of sipping hot tea.  Our favorite right now is Jammin' Lemon Ginger and it's keeping us warm and cozy.

I have to give a shout out to the stellar spots that helped to make our anniversary weekend so blissfully amazing!  Gallery Tattoo in Concord, MA is the coolest art gallery/tattoo studio and in the heart of the burbs - who knew?  It's a total class act and a fun place to hang out as well.  Big thanks to Alec who inked us up with his mad skills.  The Lotus Guest House in Ptown was modern yet still cozy and right in the heart of all the action.  Their hospitable room upgrade was really appreciated and I would totally recommend staying there and hope to again myself.  They had the sweetest secluded garden sitting area with an outdoor shower that would have been lovely on a hot summer day.

I'm kinda obsessed with Girl Crush Zine which I found while poking around in Marc Jacobs, of all places.  It is a sweet and stylish homage to those girls we adore in our lives with smart essays written by some sassy and funny gals.  The first edition is sold out, but it looks like they are planning a second issue so keep an eye out for sure!

The germs are back and everyone in this house has been sneezing and sniffling like mad.  I'm buying kleenex by the case these days.  So in addition to my mini obsession with zinc lozenges (I swear, they work!), I am infusing my diet with Evolution Super Green which is by far my favorite pre-made green juice because it tastes so fresh and yummy (you can buy at Starbucks).   Their Sweet Green isn't bad as a back-up, but it is more of a veggie tasting version of the other juice which is more of the fruity tasting variety.

Alstroemeria always make me think of my wedding and for some reason, my mother (both happy thoughts ;).  It's a hearty flower available in variety of vibrant colors that are perfect for fall tables, and they are very reasonably price and easy to find in any flower shop.  The bright magenta ones I bought for the Wish Alchemy retreat two weeks ago are still looking fresh and beautiful!  I think I'll have to scoop up some orange and yellow ones for thanksgiving too.

Lately, we have been piling the coffee table high with picture books, cookbooks, craft books and movies (some recent faces, The French Slow Cooker, Dragons Love Tacos, The Sketchbook Challenge, and Scaredy Squirrel)!  Oh, yes... I'm still crushing on the library.  There is something so satisfying about coming home with an armload of inspiration and entertainment for absolutely nothing.  And we get story time, playgroups, workshops, yoga and more for free!  Did I mention that I LOVE my library?

I love the story behind this business that was born here locally, in Watertown MA.  The B Positive Project has a beautiful mission, inspiring clothing, and a big vision with business heart and soul, and I loved how they had "paying karma" available for people who wanted their products but didn't have enough money to pay at that moment.  My kind of business model.  It's made me think more about my own way of doing and sharing my work.

So, I am going to share with you a trade secret... so many people ask how I make journal covers and personalized labels and stickers, and it is all thanks to the magic of sticker paper.  Yup.  It's so easy. You can paint and collage right on the blank sheets and then just peel and stick, and viola!  I always use it for my yearly planner cover, or you can design fancy things in Illustrator or print out artwork or photos to stick to journals or notebooks or whatever.  It eliminates using messy adhesive, it's easy, neat and clean, and the possibilities are completely endless.  Be careful though, this stuff is addictive!


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