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turns out the one that fits the best is my own

I am happy to say that as of 2014 all of my creative work, writing, art and story-sharing, will be officially moving to! It hit me with such clarity last week, that I have finally outgrown Wishstudio as my primary home.  Wishstudio will always be part of who I am, but that's just it... it is not who I am.  And this has been what my entire year was about, getting clear on my identity and what I want to create in the world.  My year of shedding is almost over, and after these last big layers of truth cracking open and letting in so much light, I feel ready to start anew again.

I was marveling the other day while driving, over the many iterations of my online life.  There have been a lot and each one chronicles another layer of growth into my own being.  So here's a little retrospective I wanted to share, in case you might be feeling a little lost and confused like I was.  It's all an evolution and work in progress... keep going... keep trusting... keep making those daring wishes:

2005 :: Art & Soul and Under A Pink Sky ::  finding my creative community 

My blogging career started with, unsurprisingly, a collaboration.  Three creative friends who stumbled upon this new thing called "blogs", and were immediately smitten and inspired.  The first one I ever read was Kerri Smith's The Wish Jar Journals (which is now, and I loved having such an intimate peek into her inspiring world.  We created the Art & Soul blog, and we were off!  It didn't take long for me to want to create my own blog and start exploring more on my own, and soon after that, first Under A Pink Sky blog was born. It was exactly what my new-mama heart needed. This was a time when blogging felt so pure and full of delight and wonder, like falling through a rabbit hole and into a strange but thrilling new universe.  It is when I first met Nina online and then in real life, and Michelle and Susannah, and Denise, and more and more beautiful kindred souls as time went on.  The saddest thing is that this chunk of my blog history was deleted - an important body of work, frever lost - and I have no archival record of myself during these fledgling blogging years, but no doubt, these connections and musings paved the way for all that was to come.

2007 ::  Wishstudio Blogzine :: diving deep into my core value of collaboration 

This was my first stab at a collaborative blog.  I envisioned it like a magazine (thus the clunky name) and started inviting others to contribute.  It was so fun and exciting to see what the collective energy of the growing number of creative bloggers could create, and one of my favorite things to do was tinker with new headers and adding links to the sidebar!  This was way before the easy blog formats we have now, and we had to figure it all out via trial and error by fidgeting with code.  I continued to blog at Under A Pink Sky for my personal writing, and used this space for editorial content about creative life and motherhood.

----> And then there were also big periods, months at a time of hiding, questioning, staying small, where I didn't blog at all.

2009 :: In the Wishstudio and Wishstudio :: clarifying a vision 

The collaborative blog continued to grow and I began curating content into monthly articles with stellar contributors, and I had several ongoing projects running like The Necklace Project and the Wishmamas Series.  My creative blog was outgrowing it's blogger home, and after a big push I obtained the url and created my first stand-alone website!  The older version can still be seen here.

2010 :: :: growing brave new wings 

With the focus still on community and creativity, and for the large part, motherhood, launched also with my very first collaborative ecourse, one the first of it's kind - The Wishfull Virtual Art Retreat!  It was an amazing foray into the creative collaboration, and even though there were bumps and hiccups, we were pioneering something big!  I'm so grateful to the brave and beautiful girls who signed on to this vision! I hosted classes and highlighted the work of other artists and creatives I admired, held more collaborative workshops, and continued to blog my own stories at the newly updated Under A Pink Sky, all of which lived in the new wishstudio home.  So many amazing connections were made and so much beautiful work was created and shared.  It's truly amazing for me to look back on.

2010 :: Sublime Subtext and other blogs :: exploring sexuality and relationships beneath the surface

During this year I started and stopped several sex/relationship blogs.  One was a private blog just for my husband, and the others were more anonymous places for me to muse on all the things that were happening behind the scenes of my life.  It was a strange time because my creative world was booming, but a big piece of me felt inauthentic in not being able to tell my whole story which included these deep and important conversations my husband and I were having about sex, sexuality and our relationship.  There was so much personal growth happening in this arena, and so much I felt I couldn't share, It made me feel really fragmented and divided - and now 4 years later, I surely will tell some of these tales.  But as a true blogger at heart, I wrote a lot of my story out to the universe in the form of anonymous fiction and essays, and I am beyond thrilled that the integration of both these worlds is finally happening!  This I think is one of the most exciting things for me, now.

2012 ::  This Sorta Fairytale :: an identity crisis and shifting focus

For much of 2012 my blogging mojo was wavering.  I wasn't clear on where things were going, and I parted ways with Under a Pink Sky in May.  I knew I had outgrown this space, but I wasn't quite sure where I was heading.  I tried on for a brief period but I just wasn't quite ready to go there, then re-named that blog This Sorta Fairytale, and still with no real clarity thought maybe it was simply the end of Wishstudio all together.  By November of last year, I tentatively began building this website, and by the beginning of 2013 I knew my new direction was going to be in telling my own story and sharing my own creative voice and work.  This, I understood, was the next leg of my journey.  After all those years of focusing on the work of others, I knew it was finally time to step into my own light.

2013 :: Wishstudio{life} ::  standing naked in the spotlight and gaining clarity on my soul-work

I added the {life} moniker to the wishstudio name to embrace the notion of telling my own story... and so I began.  This year was very much about letting go of the safety of standing behind other people's work and diving deeper into my own creative practices to see what I would find.  It was a big year of letting go, unearthing my real voice as well as huge pieces of my own personal truth. I started painting. I held gratitude every day. I invited people in to my heart and my home, which I realize now is one and the same. I got daring and practiced being vulnerable.  I found my true calling as a Wish Alchemist. And life-changing transformations happened as a result. So now, here we are.

2014 :: :: my work is not just a brand... it's simply (and uniquely) Me

The new website will be under my name because it is where my work lives - inside Me, not inside some studio space - and this has been a monumental revelation.  For so long I have been searching for this three-dimensional place that I thought needed to be the home of my work, and it turns out that that home is right within my own beating heart (insert lightbulb, here!).  I will continue to tell my real and honest story.  You will also find my art, zine and alchemy offerings like workshops, gatherings, and retreats there as well.  I'm super excited to also share with you a new piece of my work called, StudioFemme that will be all about creative, alchemical, and sensual explorations into the deepest parts of our soul-work and girl-power truth, with kick-ass creative guides and teachers helping us along the way! And YES, it's going to be totally ah-mazing! I can not wait!

----> And so I realize now, how I couldn't have come to the place I am today without having gone through all of my experiences before.  Every step and misstep mattered.  Every word and every identity I tried on helped me to choose the one that fits me the best... my own. Seems so simple, but it took me almost a decade to circle back, and I am so so grateful to finally be here.  Thank you to all of you who have been following along and supporting me over the last 9 wild years!

Have faith... your full circle moment is out there waiting for you too!


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